Is Gabi Justified In Her Actions In The Latest AOT Episode?

Is Gabi Justified?

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Coming into attack on titan season 4; we all knew great tragedy would emerge, rather it be from a horrific titan, a shifter, or even a human. Tragedy is the definition of AOT, and it seems such horrific calamites aren't slowing down any time soon. With the unfortune death of Sasha our most beloved bread thief...

Now I know a lot of you guys are grabbing ya'll pitch forks and damming gabis name to the depths of hell. But before we crucify her for heinous actions, let's analyze why SASHA NEEDED TO DIE!

Jumping back to the beginning of this travesty, witness this innocent girl lose her friends, family, and home to unknown invaders; massacring tons of civilians with no care in sight. For a small child, this is far too much to handle, yet even rationalize considering she knows literally NOTHING about the attackers.

This correlates with her explanation to falco on why she must enact revenge on her wrongdoers. Unfortunately her internalized racism is released as a consequence of this terrible affair of events. All the brainwashing the marleyians implanted onto the eldians is starting to become justified in Gabis eyes. The stories of the eldian devils being evil invaders that must be slaughtered before they enslave the world, has some credibility for the ignorant after this massacre.

And quite ironic the biggest tragedy stems from Gabis large amount of self hate and she doesn't even realize it yet. Labeling herself as true eldian and how her brethren will bring justice to their fallen comrades by slaying the impure edlains. Thus continuing the endless cycle of hatred, war, and bloodshed in the name of revenge.

Now don't get me wrong, i'm not justifying her actions, just explaining why this tragedy was inevitable in the first place. This isn't no cliché shounen where the heroes leave unscathed after defeating the heinous villain's; this is a realistic portrayal on the consequences of war.

And in my favorite part of the episode, we witness the brutal beatdown from the scouts as they ravage Gabi and Falco; look at their horrific faces. Such expression of hatred and the intent to kill reminds me of the titans. This plays in part with the previous seasons, when Isayama implied that the titans aren't so different from humans. Realize that not one titan has been displayed as a threat this season. Even in the first episode, they where easily dealt with by the opposing nation. The reign of titans are over as HUMANS are the true threat.

In any other anime, eren would be praised as some grand hero, instead he lost the trust of his allies; his closet friends don't even know who eren truly is anymore. He seems like a former shell of himself, as he's brooding around showing no signs of emotion because of his strong convictions clouding his thoughts. This is especially horrifying as he laughs when he hears Sashas last words; I question what happened to our energetic passionate boy from before? Hopefully it's explained soon, because we NEED to know what trauma caused the great fall of our epic protagonist.

Nevertheless, moving on to the BIGGEST reveal of the episode. It turns out zeke was a double agent the entire time? I'm curious on what caused him to change sides, and when this event occurred. I'm assuming eren must've convinced him during his days living in marley. Also who is this yelena chick? Was she in the previous seasons or is she a new character? Let me know but don't spoil anything guys!
I say no. Not just because of Sasha, but she doesn't give a moments thought of how her actions will effect others and because she is self centered and selfish, she is the worst kind of traitor IMO.

Gabi and the majority of the internment zone of Eldians reminds me of the Judenrat. If you don't know what that is, it was an organization of Jews who were commissioned by the Nazi's to hunt down other Jews.

Gabi was willing to do anything to get the approval of her oppressors, as long as she was viewed as useful to them.

I can't stand it when people say she is like Eren, if anything I think she is the opposite of Eren in everyway.


Hello ~ says Goethe.
She was. She saw people invade her home and decided to defend her family and friends. It‘s a natural reaction to have in such a situation and it‘s a tragedy because Sasha was a nice person, but such is war and Gabi didn‘t know Sasha.