Chapter Discussion Is Garling the father of Shanks or is a red herring?

Is Shanks the son of Figarland Garling?

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It is funny that the island after the confrontation still seems to be fine, we know that a confrontation between Kaidou and Big Mom would result in the destruction of Onigashima as it was pointed out, we know that Kaidou has the ability to easily destroy an island, as well as Big Mom who was pointed out having this ability in WCI by Katakuri, however Roger and Garp fought the Rocks pirates and the island still looks pretty good to me, that says a lot about Roger's AP, that must be why he is only someone capable of fighting Waidou.


Garp the Fist

Its based on original drawings in the film red companion book, see @mmd 's post above. I have those 2 books if you need me to take photo proof
Interesting, I could tell Oda hadn’t drawn that one, but I’ve never seen the full storyboard by him that it’s based on.

Most interesting thing is that God’s Valley is still standing, I thought it would have been wiped off the map.