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Is Kinemon Alive?

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He almost certainly is. If Oda intends for a character as highlighted as Kinemon in the current story to be gone for good, he will give him a "proper" good bye with the various panels and the context. In fact, I believe that with the hits Kinemon received in the latest chapters, Oda wanted to also highlight his will and to start creating the buildup for the moment of his actual end.

At least his death is where I believe Oda is going (even if with deaths in One Piece you can never be sure) and I think it would bring very good benefit to the arc, like many others have said as well.
Even if the Alliance should win this battle, it shouldn't be an easy victory. We NEED losses. A bittersweet victory makes for a much better story. And I don't care if the skepticism of the current deaths is kind of making these moments less effective, if they're real deaths they'll elevate the story on a reread. Which is good enough for me.

If we're getting into the specifics, I think what's most important is that there needs to be a replacement + we have some "duos" in the group - one dying and one surviving would be the most dramatic thing to do.

Kiku dies - Izo survives and rejoins the Scabbards
Inuarashi dies - Nekomamushi survives (or vice versa) - Carrot or Wanda becomes a Scabbard?
Kinemon dies - Denjiro survives and becomes the new leader - Hiyori becomes a Scabbard?
Raizo dies - Shinobu officially becomes a Scabbard
Ashura Doji dies - Hyogoro becomes a Scabbard (bandit replaced by Yakuza... that one is the least likely)
Kawamatsu dies - Gyukimaru/Onimaru becomes a Scabbard
Kanjuro dies - Yamato becomes a Scabbard (also very unlikely, but in case he doesn't join the Strawhats, this is another suitable path)

I doubt all of that will happen, just wanted to showcase that every situation might have already been accounted for.


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Looks like Oda really hates death. Pedro and Yasu died but those embodied a huge plot component respectively. In other words I don't expect the Scabbards to likely die unless a pattern of that kind will be spot.