Powers & Abilities Is Oden's haki inside Enma?

Is Oden's haki inside Enma?

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Guess it is like when Zoro used Ryuma's Shusui imbued with his haki and sliced Kuma in 2 pieces along with all Thriller bark. Quit this fantasy.
Enma is special, we saw that throughout Wano. Shusui is just a heavy sword :goyea:
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Nope, it is Zoro own haki which he use.
Such things as "Oden haki" doesn't exist.
It might use Zoro haki just to substitute Oden's one, Enma is quite a thirsty sword and she always needs a full supply of haki.
Zoro will probably use the last drop of Oden's haki to defeat Mihawk and then Enma will have just Zoro’s haki stored inside:specialmeh:
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Oden haki or not it has the presence of Oden which means his will strengthens it. We've never seen before in the series a character sensing the presence of another in a sword.

It's easier and funnier to call it Oden's haki though to see Zboys cry

Yet Sabo felt Ace's presence in the Mera, does that mean that the fruit became stronger because of Ace? Lmao
sabo is clearly completely insane lol. hes talking to the fire and shit
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Explane to me how Zoro's own haki could litteraly destroy his own arm when he took Enma? This is riddicules
because the sword sucks the haki out of his arm. are you blind?
What about Kaido ?

He's saying it right there he sees Oden in the scabbards : Kinemon, Kyoshiro, Inu , Neko , etc. they have Oden haki

yeah, haki means willpower. they share oden's will and are his subordinates, as samurai their entire existence is devoted to their lord, oden. the only reason they're alive is to carry out oden's will, and they all plan to die carrying it out. they're the only ones with "oden's haki". zoro is just a samurai from somewhere else, who is respected by the kozukis enough to carry the blade of a dead master and skilled enough to use it