Powers & Abilities Is Rayleigh a Confirmed ACoC User Now?

Is Rayleigh an ACoC User?

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so what we know about armament haki is that
the user is coated with invisible haki as a body armour as rayleigh demonstrates

u can also use this thing as a weapon

acoc follows the same principles

luffy says that u can do the same thing with conquerors haki ( an invisible armour with coc )

and ofc he can also use that as a weapon

we have also seen various examples of conquerors coming out of the body of acoc users individually
- kaido

- bigmom

- and ofc luffy himself

- rayleigh also shows the same thing when he confronts blackbeard

he shows his invisible armour and ofc he can use that armour to use it as a weapon

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Light D Lamperouge

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LMAO. You're newer here so you aren't used to it lol. I used to post in these like every day. Most of my posts are parroted and reposted everywhere to this day. Now I just do it when I am bored.
Oda started using lightning to depict basic CoC; this isn't evidence. But it's pretty obvious Rayleigh has advCoC so it's not like we need to speculate...