Break Week Is Zoro racist or coincidence?

Now now hear me out, some of y'all might be like:

Mods this is supposed to be a fun meme thread, not some trigger warning or political constitution rights discussion because even reddit has a thread like like this. Sanji D Goat had a similar thread up a few months ago but I removed the more political stuff from his thread but if you feel this is still disrespectful I understand lol.

Now, y'all might say:

I gotta agree with this one. This HAS to be a coincidence, ain't no way our favorite swordsman Zoro is "racist" .

Sanji D Goat
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Indeed even in sbs zoro s occuption is listed as cop.
this is probably the funniest "evidence"
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honestly he might be. he also was the loudest one about kicking usopp off the crew in enies lobby. it would be funny if he was, since part of zoro's character is that he embodies "unwholesome karma" and taking on negativity for the sake of someone else in his role as an asura. so not only is he lazy, an alcoholic, a murderer, jealous, angry, etc, hes also racist.


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All I know is that he conceived women as biologically weaker than men, that is biologically correct. He is not necessarily racist or misoginist

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Zoro and Luffy are like the last people in the SH crew who'd discriminate against people based on their race. Zoro trains very hard you see, and people of the color are in general are rather tough, so it's only natural a hardworking guy gets tough opponents.