General & Others Jinbei is more of a parental figure to luffy than even garp or shanks.And i think he's the best

Come on,think about it,jinbei was the one who got luffy though his hardest hours and was able to knock some sense into him.Sure,garp trained luffy and "raised" him and shanks saved his life but none of them was able to provide luffy with any actual emotional support.The bond luffy and jinbei share is incredible and luffy is forever indebt to him.Furthermore,Jinbe joining the strawhats was more impactful and meaningful then any other member.Luffy and Jinbe's relationship is one of if not the most well-written one in the series.So when people say jinbei does not fit in with the straw hat because he gives off a different vibe make my blood boils.After all,the straw hat is more like a family than a pirate crew,so why it is that some one who carries tremendous sentimental values joinning such a bad thing?
I'd also like to point out that his goal is the most noble of his crews.
Lets face it,the straws hat are kids who are motivated by selfish goals (yes,i understand that oftentime they are driven by such intent because they are memories and promises,but nonetheless,selfish) and would do whatever it takes to protect what they like,and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that,it is just not noble.
Then there's jinbei.He dreams of INTERSPECIES EQUALITY.This man is great.
In conclusion,i relish the fact that there exist such a man who devotes his life to the greater good in a world filled with entitled brat (and i love such world)
I mean Jinbe is literally Luffy's caretaker lol. Once Luffy approached the New World, Oda knew he needed someone there to look after him.

Sabo or Ace usually had this role, but one's dead and told Jinbe to replace him and the other's probably captured.


Never really thought about how common this is in Japanese fiction. Does it come from real life? Are Japanese nurseries full of adults punting children off rooftops to toughen them up?
It maynot happen if that kid is having a normal life grandpa but it is possible in case of training for a soldier or assassin etc. though it won't be as exaggerated as shown in anime