Controversial Jiren vs Kaido - who was the better antagonist?

Who was the better antagonist?

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Lazy is the way
Uh, what else did Kaido have going for him besides being a stupidly OP meathead? At least Jiren had a good fight with Goku. Kaido vs Luffy was mid
Nan, Kaido being in Rocks pirates, having a yea with WB/BM etc, having a daughter like Yamato, teaming with Orochi, relationship with Oden etc is better than Jiren backstory and character

Ôce again Kaido is far from good but at least it’s something compared to bland ass Jiren


Lazy is the way
UI vs Goku wasn’t bad because UI Goku was good. Jiren just matched it and power up and power up.

Jiren wasn’t the reason it was a hit

Druken Kaido or Big Dragon flame > Jiren eye flashing