Controversial Jiren vs Kaido - who was the better antagonist?

Who was the better antagonist?

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The fight scenes with Jirin were better at least so far. We'll see how g5 turns out in the animation.

Kaido had exponentially more depth and hype, I think the only reason people are disappointed with it is because of their expectations.
Jiren is better character than kaido,even flashback is simple amd easy to understand. No headcannon need.
Jiren doesn’t need headcannon or hype. Meanwhile kaido fans rely on hype and head-canon to make his character look good than actually is.

Jiren doesn’t get hurt by weaker people like krillin, Tien , etc. Kaido got cut by kinemon, kiku , scabbards , got scar 30 broken bones zoro , etc.

Even in manga version of Jiren doesn’t get bad portrayal wise compare to kaido . Yes even master roshi ultra instinct look like but defeated quickly by Jiren.

Goku want to fight Jiren 1 vs 1 fight mean goku didn’t defeat Jiren on his own. Jiren got ring out .

While luffy ulimate win against kaido. amd has not return for weeks.

While ultra I stict goku doesn’t make Jiren a joke like becoming jump rope like luffy did to kaido.

Jiren defeat >>> kaido defeat .

I guess people say Jiren is boring because of his look yet broly get popular or personality when mihawk exist.

In my opinion Jiren > kaido
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