Some text leaks:
- Kamo managed to escape from Naoya's grip by getting the blood between them before the strike.
- Kamo says that if he stops even for a moment he will die, so he uses the Flowing Red Scale to increase his speed.
- Naoya is about to attack Kamo again, but Maki stops him with her sword, and Kamo uses Crimson Binding to restrain Naoya.
- Maki tries to attack Naoya while he is tied up, but manages to escape from Kamo's ability.
- Maki tells Kamo that this curse is Naoya, and Kamo is surprised that his ego have not changed even after being a curse.
- She also tells him that Naoya can use his technique, and Kamo remembers “the fastest” Naobito Zenin.
- Naoya applies his technique to the air causing explosions, as he freezes the air and then hit the frames with his limbs.

Pics are out:

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Looking at your avi and your love for Naoya, you certainly seem to have a type:ronalaugh:

if you’re wondering i also have Nnoitra in my top 10 bleach characters

Why did you have Naoya in your top 3? :suresure:

I'm curious. Please tell me.
His shit talking and attitude is 10/10 cool technique i like speedsters

his misogyny is entertaining not because im a misogynist but because you don’t typically see realistic common traits in villains