JJK 203 Spoilers

Spoilers are out:
Title is “Blood and Oil Part 2”

Chapter opens with a flashback to Choso telling Yuki he wants to fight Kenjaku alone. Yuki tells him that he’ll die if he does that, Choso says that the alternative is that they fight Kenjaku 2v1 and that risks them getting in each other’s way. He says that it’s better if he fights Kenjaku first and forces Kenjaku to reveal some of the abilities he has and maybe even use a Domain Expansion, then Yuki can go to fight Kenjaku with additional knowledge and against a Kenjaku that might even be unable to use his technique for a while if Choso succeeds in forcing him to expand his Domain. Yuki agrees but reminds Choso that he will die, Choso says he is fine with that since it is for the sake of his brothers and mother.

Kenjaku then beats Choso’s ass for 13 pages.

Choso asks what Kenjaku is planning for Yuji, since he hasn’t just been abandoned the way Kenjaku abandoned the Death Paintings. Kenjaku says “That” (meaning Yuji) doesn’t really have a role, he’s just a vessel for Sukuna. Sukuna’s return is the spark that set this all in motion and as long as he exists, the age of curses won’t come to an end since Sukuna is the eye of the storm. Choso gets angry and yells that Kenjaku is the center of all of this, not Yuji.

Choso looks down and realizes that curses have trapped his leg, and Kenjaku clobbers him while he is stuck. Kenjaku says he knows Choso is basically just a scout for Yuki, so he isn’t going to use any technique other than Curse Spirit Manipulation and stick to his low level curses. Kenjaku calls all the death paintings uninteresting disappointments, which enrages Choso. Kenjaku asks if he hurt Choso’s feelings, then tells him that Choso is the biggest disappointment of all since he had the highest hopes for Choso out of all his siblings.

Kenjaku then hits Choso with that centipede move he used against Yuji in Shibuya, and asks him if he knows what it means to be a Special Grade Sorcerer. He says that it means you could take over a country. He claims that this certainly would’ve been possible for 👖 but also would’ve been possible for Geto. We then see a seemingly KO’d Choso and Kenjaku says this is what happens when someone who is only first rate tries to stand up to a Special Grade Sorcerer.

Tengen is worried, but Yuki tells her this isn’t over yet. Choso thinks to himself that he is a failure of an older brother who couldn’t get even a single good hit against his shitstain farther, but he won’t stand for Kenjaku calling his younger brothers uninteresting disappointments. A fountain of blood erupts from where Choso was lying, and he is now back on his feet. He asks for his brothers to lend him their strength and we see he now has Flowing Red Scale stacked.

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