JJK 204 Spoilers

Spoilers are out:
- Choso uses 2 new techniques
- At the end of the chapter, Yuki appears
- Break next week

Detailed info from Ducky:
-Title : Blood and Oil (3)
-Preview : This unwanted life, but the wish for his brothers go beyond. The warmth that supports the heart, certainly is there...!
-Chapter begins w image of Yuuji, Eso and Kechizu pushing Choso with smiles, "Do your best, bro/Choso."

-Choso begins to fight with Kenjaku earnestly; he uses techniques inspired by Eso and Kechizu's techniques.
-"Like Eso... like Kechizu... Like Yuuji!! Freely, powerfully!"
-He attacks Kenjaku with renewed vigour.

-It seems like he landed a hit on Kenjaku, but actually Kenjaku had managed to block it with a small curse.
-Still,Choso is very much energetic and is raring to go.
-Kenjaku mentions that the toxic blood of the Death Paintings don't work on him, the parent.

-Choso unleashes a final explosive blood bomb on Kenjaku, but it seems to have not released.
-Thus it is revealed that Kenjaku had been forced to use a technique (besides Geto's Cursed Technique) to nullify his attack.
-Kenjaku : "Damn it."

-Yuki appears with her shikigami (?) in tow.
-Now that Kenjaku's other techniques have been revealed, it's time for her to battle.
-Yuki : I'm an only child, but that's fucking rad, big bro!

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