Should Gojobros apologize to Kinyagi?

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>Gojo says he's glad that what killed him is not time or disease but someone stronger than him. Nanami chimes in to say it's disgusting to here all that from Gojo cuz he sounds like a samurai general lol

Nanami sighting. They chilling in the after life :josad:
The fandom is gonna lose their shit, omg


The Rogue Prince
Exams are important conq, Im rooting for you. Go get an A!
Yea and if i write it today, i will probably fail it for sure lol.
I'm just gonna take it chill today.

man, you guys are making me feel real sad, god damn
I'm honestly more attached to Gojo than any one piss character lol. Full disclosure.

This chapter hits real hard.
either that

or he is about to give the protagonists the biggest power ups ever in Shounen Manga history

like, there's no way bro lmao
Yeah, the least I expected was a double suicide. Lol

No way sweating Yuta can deal with Sukuna and Kenjaku :kayneshrug:

Gojo was bound to lose, not worried about that. I am concerned about the shit storm that is yet to come in form of bs PUs and PIS.
Yeah this is stupid I can’t even celebrate as a Sukuna fan

At least have him go out as Sukuna’s near equal
Oh damn. If there's a lesson to be learned from this

It's that you shouldn't wank a character until the fight is over.
Not only that, L57 and I were right all along.

Sukuna was just playing the whole time.

Gojo's last regret as he dies is that he couldn't make Sukuna go all out.

That's fucking wild