Should Gojobros apologize to Kinyagi?

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I will say.

Even as a Sukuna fan.

This is such a disrespectful way for Gojo to go out.

I cant believe this wtf
I like sukuna more than gojo but I generally dislike this type of writing

Like the author had 15 chapters or so to show it but instead uses flashbacks/ side character dialogue at the end to say the opposite

Ruins the pacing most of the time,

That and sacrificing one character to hype another
Did it for Sukuna the past 10 chapters but now sukuna only takes one to do it to gojo?

Makes it feel way less satisfying to read as a fan of the series.

Easy fix would've been to just have them counter each other's technique's instead of it being one character destroying the other and vice versa
Not only that, L57 and I were right all along.

Sukuna was just playing the whole time.

Gojo's last regret as he dies is that he couldn't make Sukuna go all out.

That's fucking wild
You were right but at what cost?

No fight, Gojo gets insta killed

Now we know the Final Arc will be filled with asspulls cause how else are they supposed to kill Sukuna and Kenjaku

The writing is on the wall

It’s Yhwach all over again
Is there gonna be like a timeskip or something?

so everyone can train and shit? lmao
I swear to go Ive been saying there will be one for years now.
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Ryomen Sukuna.

@L57 @LANJI CUCKSMOKE @Shiroyru @matt245 (sorry other Sukuna fans I missed)
You missed me bitch.
>Gojo: Even if he didn't have Megumi's Ten Shadows, I don't know if I could have won
>Geto: That you would say something like that
>Gojo: But I do feel a little bad about it
>Geto: ?
>Gojo: More than anyone else, I feel like I could empathize him on how miserable it is to be the at the pinnacle
>Gojo: I do like everyone. I wasn't lonely. But somewhere, there was a line drawn between us, as living beings.
>Gojo: You can bloom a flower, and love it
>Gojo: The the flower never thinks "I want to be understood", right?

>Gojo: My trained body. The skills I learned. I honed my senses. Even my my on the spur creativity and spontaneity. I threw it all at him.
>Gojo: I wanted to tell it all to Sukuna, and I wanted him to listen.
>Yorozu flashback: Absolute strength. And the absolute lonliness that comes with it. The one who will show you love is
>Gojo: ....It was pretty fun

I knew the Yorozu flashback was implying some thing. It was the similarities between Gojo and Sukuna. How they're lonely cause they're at the top of the strength ladder. Gojo literally wanted sukuna to feel less lonely cause he empathize with him 😭

A love story written in the stars... :josad::josad::josad:


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Gojo fans retard.

Really thought EoS villain was gonna job to mc's teacher.

Like Kakahsi beating Madara.

Or Zoro killing Kaido.

Retards all along