Should Gojobros apologize to Kinyagi?

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>Gojo: Even if he didn't have Megumi's Ten Shadows, I don't know if I could have won
>Geto: That you would say something like that
>Gojo: But I do feel a little bad about it
>Geto: ?
>Gojo: More than anyone else, I feel like I could empathize him on how miserable it is to be the at the pinnacle
>Gojo: I do like everyone. I wasn't lonely. But somewhere, there was a line drawn between us, as living beings.
>Gojo: You can bloom a flower, and love it
>Gojo: The the flower never thinks "I want to be understood", right?

>Gojo: My trained body. The skills I learned. I honed my senses. Even my my on the spur creativity and spontaneity. I threw it all at him.
>Gojo: I wanted to tell it all to Sukuna, and I wanted him to listen.
>Yorozu flashback: Absolute strength. And the absolute lonliness that comes with it. The one who will show you love is
>Gojo: ....It was pretty fun

I knew the Yorozu flashback was implying some thing. It was the similarities between Gojo and Sukuna. How they're lonely cause they're at the top of the strength ladder. Gojo literally wanted sukuna to feel less lonely cause he empathize with him 😭

A love story written in the stars... :josad::josad::josad:
Oh my fucking god I won, I won. But at what cost? I love Gojo too.