Should Gojobros apologize to Kinyagi?

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Gojo says he feels sorry for Sukuna cuz he didnt give his all to Gojo. Geto says that made him feel jealous but if Gojo is satisfied with it then he's good. Gojo says he would've been satisfied if Geto was also there to give a slap on his back to motivate him

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Gojo doubts he would beat Sukuna even if he didn't have Megumi's body.

It was a long fought battle, but in the end we won.

I'm actually gonna tone down the slander for abit. This is a really sad chapter.
I was expecting this kind of reveal, but I am too sad to celebrate.
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Is this gonna be the "Tobi is Obito" chapter of JJK lmao?

where half the fandom drops the manga because of this chapter

jesus christ
Nah, this is J-man's death level sadness.

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Yeah, technique can still work.
Only way to stop it is to crush the head. His head is still intact. But I doubt it will happen. It is over.
Next chapter should either seal the deal on whether or not the fella pulls out a back pocket move

Even if he can't reach them rn

Holy shit, same predicament in both series lmao

you have a bigger chance in JJK though
I don't fucking care if its too bullshitty and shit. Sukuna got his W after getting clowned for like 10 chapters. If gege can't write the story proper, that's on him. I'mma take this W and get lost.

I am certain that most of the people who say this is sad and shit would be saying peak story if gojo was winning still lol.
Nah bro, I got you.
I have been saying that 10S need to be taken off and we need a proper duel without infinity in the way.