JJK 247 Spoilers

idk the manga called JJK where Yuta revived Yuji after killing him, saved Maki from near death….

Hakari pulling off RCT that should’ve killed him with a binding vow sacrificing a limb to only be able to regen that same limb….

idk what did I say for you to question what I stated?

that has nothing to do with his RCT….
Blud isn’t reading the manga properly
Yuta killed yuji in a way that he can revive him later on
Seeing yuji being special that somehow worked

He can’t even fully heal angel and make her capable of fighting

Much less revive someone from the dead casually

hakari surviving the explosion isn’t an rct feat

He sacrificed the cursed energy on his arm and used it to the rest of his body
He increased his resilience to survive the explosion

Hakari doesn’t even know how to use rct as the fuckin narrator says
His body heals itself on its own due to the unlimited cursed energy driven into Hakari

that’s why I said u should read the manga properly if u are gonna give any argument
So who can actually defeat Sukuna ?? Higurama dead
Gojo dead

Gives me bleach vibes tbh with Yhwach negging squad 0 only to be played out by Aizen .

I think Kenjaku is only person who can stop Sukuna’s madness lol . At this point I don’t think Yuji is anywhere near to take on Sukuna .