JJK 253 Spoilers

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Crazy how Kusakabe is the Strongest Grade 1 despite Yaga being stated to have Special Grade potential
Ever since we learned that domain application/simple domain can dilute and neutralize all CTs not just Limitless, it’s been pretty obvious that a simple domain merchant like Kusakabe could probably make it pretty far in the verse ngl


I said AFTER Gojo and its true Gojo never excited him as much to push him to do BF.

Maki clears Trashimo with one tap of her sword, and who needed Sukuna’s guidance on how to dodge World slash.
he was unable to do black flash until after he was actually hit by it…

excitement isn’t even a trigger for black flash conditions….

she’s too slow to touch trashimo…

he did avoid world slash though with no guidance, it’s why he was wanked so hard at the start…
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