JJK 256 Spoilers

Sukuna might actually be finished seeing on how weak his bfs are

Gege/editors put out the little excerpt about Gojo getting back his output and RCT at the end of last chapter for a reason. Sukuna is getting all his shit back soon lol. He's tanking Yuji's BF. That's gonna be the big reveal next chapter. That Sukuna has regained RCT and output.
This the first time yuji lands a hit after the blacl flashes
Gojo went from 0 to 100 rct output managing to heal an arm instantly
Sukuna stopped using rct long ago probably for healing his brain later
yuji doesnt need to land a hit to reduce sukuna's output

after he came back , he hit sukuna like 2 times

thats more than enough to considerably drop his output

look at this cleave barely doing anything now even after black flashes

tho he is abt to have his black flash moment soon
the one where he will gain his output back and just fucking nuke the heroes ( which i think will happen with fuga )
Getting hit by BF doesn't negate getting output and RCT amped.

Sukuna will tank yuji's bf and say some shit like, "you think your flash is black bro? you ain't seen nothing yet. Try this one on for size" and hit the mother of all Black Flashes :endthis:
No but Yuji’s punches shake the opponent’s soul and decrease their CE output, so anything Sukuna gained from the black flashes is taken away again when Yuji connects punches on him.

Choso says this outright.
#JJK256 Starts with a Gojo Flashback

Gojo is talking about Blackflash here

Sukuna in the Zone

Maki comes back and Tries to pierce Sukuna and Sukuna evil grins

Sukuna hits the third Motherfookin Blackflash

Sukuna uses Dismantle on Maki

Choso attacks Sukuna

Sukuna destroys choso with the 4th Blackflash


Yuji uses Blood manipulation on Sukuna lets Fucking Gooo

Yuji gets a Chokehold On Sukuna, Sukuna grabs him but Yuji fakes out with Blood manipulation and gets Sukuna in a Submission

Choso and Yuji teamwork as Yuji hits Sukuna heavy as he throws up blood

Yuji is Fucking Locked in Blackflash Incoming Lets Fucking Goooo

Larue uses his CT on Sukuna as a distraction while Yuji charges in

Yuji Hits Sukuna with a Massive Blackflash

Yuji with a cold Stare after Cooking heavily this Chapter

break next week

My boys finally getting his flowers. Hopefully we dont get another Sukuna cop-out "sukuna expected this" crap :milaugh:
Please for the love of god Gege have this be the actual beginning of the end and not have “Sukuna isn’t trying” for the 150th time
Gojo flashback talking about backflash
Gojo's flashback talking about Gojo's blackflash :goyea:

(Good one ngl)

He hit 4 black flashes
He can heal
If he can't at some point, he's cooked. So ofc he somehow will by eventually "getting serious"
Uraume will tell himself smth like: *This feeling! Impossible!!! They pushed Master Sukuna so far?*
And then add "Congratulations! Yall managed to force Sukuna to be almost half serious, which is impressive."