JJK 256 Spoilers

I guess is time for that guy to show up. Sukuna is spamming blackflashes like a boss and even healing now. He is finally able to face the REAL strongest sorcerer of current time.

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Yuji dropped the Gojo combo on Sukuna, like master like student


Yuji focused chapters are so much better :finally:
Protagonist finally being relevant
My boys finally getting his flowers. Hopefully we dont get another Sukuna cop-out "sukuna expected this" crap :milaugh:
Chap 257:

Full recovered Sukuna walks out of the rubbles

Annoyed Sukuna to himself: *This brat!? Impossible!! That was pretty close!... Anyway..."

Also Sukuna: "Is this all you have? How pitiful... Not even able to properly use a blackflash are you?"

A dark silhouette suddenly appears!

Silhouette: "You did well Yuji! I'm proud of you. I'm proud of all of you. Now let me finish this."

Everyone is in shock: silhouette is Gojo!!!

Gojo is back!!!!

Gojo, looking at Miguel: "I learned something I'm gonna teach you, Sukuna!"

Miguel makes a ??? face

Gojo: "Flashes arn't effective because they are black, but because they are flashes!!!"

Miguel makes a WTF face

Gojo, jumping at Sukuna: "Fuck*ng racist!!!!!"

Gojo hits Sukuna with a new move called: "Rainbow antiracist flash!!!!!"

Miguel double facepalms.
I know the mention of Gojo having the most black flash is to remind us he is still the most awesome but I imagine black flash as something you only manage to land when feeling some challenge and needing to fight at your best.

That's why it works that both Gojo & Sukana could only pulled it off once their usual weapons that make them unbeatable was depleted.

So I have no idea how that is possible with how little challenge Gojo had until now to land many black flash in his life.


The Sol King
Seems like a good chapter for Yuji, Sukuna's output has clearly plummeted by now. Hitting multiple black flashes means he will regain his output enough, and he will have to pull out Fuga soon.

But other than that, I wonder when he will get his shrine back ? That would be his insta-win button considering nobody around him has Domain expansion.
No but Yuji’s punches shake the opponent’s soul and decrease their CE output, so anything Sukuna gained from the black flashes is taken away again when Yuji connects punches on him.

Choso says this outright.
Yuji's soul shit works based on two souls inheriting the same vessel with one forcibly suppressing the other right? Every punch makes the two souls inside break apart more and more.

Sukuna says here "he's rousing megumi's soul that was submerged by the bath". That's what's causing the fall in CE output.

But, iirc, we only saw that happening right up until Megumi bitched out and said "enough. leave me alone"

Of course we didn't see Yuji attack Sukuna after that. Cause he was too damaged and had to tag out for Laki and Wusakabe etc.

But, if you look in this chapter, it seems Yuji's punch is not having that same effect anymore. It just seems like a regular punch now. No "vibrations" on Sukuna that is highlighted.

Obviously, if the chapter mentions it, then i'm completely wrong.

But from my understanding, because Megumi bitched out, Sukuna has full controll of the body, and Yuji's punches can't awaken Megumi's soul and spirit rn. Thus, their souls aren't fighting for the control of the body. So no more fall in CE for Sukuna.

And then there's this...

It's the narrator-kun himself hyping up the restoration of Sukuna's RCT. We didn't see anything like that this chapter as far as i know from the spoils.

It would be pretty idiotic and funny for the narrator to hype Sukuna's RCT restoration only for it to not happen lol.

I absolutely think Gege just set up another "bitch you thought" moment here. Yuji's giga black flash punch definitely landed hard and will damage Sukuna a lot. And right as the hero's are thinking "we're almost there. He's done for. We gonna win this now", Sukuna fucking heals all this shit and rises up with a shit-eating grin and probably a fucking giga mega super black flash of his own lol.

And he'll probably mock Yuji too while he's at it, like, "Brat you think you're hot shit cause of a black flash? Back in the heian era, i ate black flashes 10 times more powerful for breakfast"