JJK spoiler 255


Against maki he only had 2 hands
Clearly a basic dismantle .
This ws thing made people forget that chants can be also used to regain output and boost the attacks
Yuta said a basic dismantle from a 100% output sukuna would end him before even using rct
You don’t need 4 arms for chants….


You cant call my goat a rat when the racist fraudjo sneaked goatkuna with utahime and ichiji on top of a binding vow
Sukuna negged fraudjo without trying or amped by black flash
There are levels to this
had to use a brand new technique with a sneak slash with a binding vow on the brink of death I don’t call that negged while he also lost a whole CT that he had to steal which allowed him to even bypass infinity..
stop coping 😂

now Sukuna needs three arms to make world slash happen?

you fraudkuna fans go from trying to shit on Gojo that every other character could tank and evade world slash now he needs 3 arms to even use it….
What would I even be coping about? I'm not part of your discussion, I'm just pointing out how he did it against Kashimo, that matches the current explanation. What does it change to your argument if he needed 2 or 3 hands? He only had one hand when he killed Gojo.

This week both sides are down pretty bad. One side with the "Racist Gojo" stuff, and one side still believing Sukuna couldn't beat Gojo without using 10 Shadows.