Jojobros, what do you expect from Part 9: Jojolands?

It's been roughly a year since the last chapter of Jojolion and the announcement there will be a Part 9 (working title - Jojolands).

What are your expectations?
Who will be the main Jojo?
Who will be the villain?
Any ideas for their stands?
Will any of the previous plot devices make an appearance (stand arrow, red stone of Aja, the stone mask)?
Will we get a deep dive into rokakaka fruits?
Or will there be a whole new thing?

Some tags to start this, and you can tag otger jojo fans you know about:

Gorosei Informer

I really hope this is true. Jolyne needs a 2nd story so bad and upon watching Stone Ocean and being reminded of the story, I forgot how good it was too. Ermes vs Sports Maxx was AMAZING! Jolyne herself is so fantastically written, capable, creative, badass, mature etc!

Jojolion ended with some plots unresolved IIRC, we had that random road barrier dragging people somehow and sucking them in? Wasn't SBR Joseph or Giorno revealed at the end too or something? I've forgotten so much lol.

Gorosei Informer

  • In March 2016, when asked what country Araki would be interested in depicting in future stories, he stated that he would like to go to Northern Europe or the Scottish Highlands.[3]
  • Araki has also mentioned wanting to depict Morioh in Part 9 as well.[4]


I'd like to see an SBR take on Pucci now too. Tooru reminded me of Diavolo somewhat with the "2 selves" and one of the 2 identies being someone MUCH younger, especially in this case too and they had to pursue Tooru like with Diavolo too?

I don't want this Pucci or any villain to be as ultimately successful as OG Pucci was though lol.

I wonder if they will have Josuke play the same role in Part 9 that Jotaro played in Part 4, it seems like there was too many loose ends that just didn’t get tied by the end of Part 8.
One popular theory is that part 9 could be a part 3 parralell expect it's with josuke, yashu part 9 joylne and part 9 giorno