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what should joker do this game??

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aye man thanks I couldn't see the section dying and do nothing

I know you don't like big games but wanna give it a try??
I'll pass, it's too early to decide if I wanna play a game on March or not. Plus, the only game I have my eyes set on at the moment is this weebs game. Reserving my inner mafia energy for it.

Good luck on this game tho.

AL sama

Red Haired

Joker the game master
passive - joker is here : you love chaos hence to create some you'll enter the game as a player on day 3 and can't be sent back unless lynched.

passive - god of the game : you're the god of this game and can do whatever you want hence you bypass all abilities of the players and can't be targeted by anyone except Batman.

passive - jokerling : every night phase you'll automatically pick a randomized player from the player list and convert them into Jokerling, if it's a dead player then you'll revive and covert them at same time. [excluding Batman]

win-condition : turn everyone into Jokerling except Batman.
everyone make your role in this format

1 @MangoSenpai
2 @Indigo
3 @Flower
4 @Pot Goblin
5 @Charlie
6 @TheAncientCenturion
7 @Lord Evil
8 @Rej
9 @ConquistadoR
11 @Naomi
12 @Xlaw
13 @Fujishiro
14 @MitchMatch
15 @Random Asshole
16 @T-Pein™
17 @Reborn
18 @MonochromeYoru