Future Events Judge's son vs Kizaru potential match up

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
If it is a small clash i admit zoro has always been more chance, but if it is a decisive fight, i don't think oda will leave Sanji behind
Well, I too think Oda won't leave Sanji behind. That's like my biggest reason for thinking he'll get an admiral opponent. But the fact remains Zoro's chances of getting an admiral opponent are higher. That doesn't mean Sanji won't get one though.
Funny thing is that Sanjino might be able to break off Kaido's horn too but he cant do shit to the scales just like Luffy couldnt. :sanmoji:
Some small stuff like this is just for kid satisfaction, the point is Luffy deafeated kaido while zoro and sanji did not
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When did he surpass Rooftop Zoro? There are levels of power and portrayal that we will never see from him, unfortunately this is the truth. :kayneshrug:
And zoro defeated kaido? Or kill kaido? Not at all, this stuff is just for kid satisfaction