Jujutsu Kaisen 237 SPOILERS

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@Adam 🍎 @Tobra don't lose heart so easily lol.

Megumi & Yuuji are probably gonna take down Sukuna together.
Now that Sukuna is using a Tool which Yorozu (Tsumiki) made, it's very easy to write a plotline where Megumi starts rebelling from within.
That weapon is a fucking trap. Bitch died and she wants Sukuna to forever be with her, even in death


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Actual brain damage if you think Sukuna is a Gary Stu. That’s or you literally don’t know what that is.

Luke Skywalker is a Gary Stu.

Now compare Sukuna to Luke Skywalker
The boring male antagonist who always overpowers his opponents without paying any price or breaking a sweat - ✅
,has no weaknesses - ✅
,haves generic character design - kinda eh on this one
bland and poor personality - A bit yes.
and doesn't have guts to marry a girl or even to do any adult stuff when girl who loves him want him to. - ✅

Checks 3/5. Sorry, your boy is a Gary stu. Its a fact.


“Satoru Freaking Goatjo” was sealed for 3 years real world time then came back to die in 15 chapters and all he did was kill Mahoraga
pushed sukuna to his limit unable to use DE, RCT and now he can no longer use CT. Had to have a backup plan for the worse case scenario of having Uraume deliver a Ctool to help himout and use his one off ability to regain his CE.....

but sure all he did was kill Maho.... just goes to show Gege hates Goatjo...
"A character who always overpowers other characters"

Honestly, give it a read please, it may help.
Look up “Mary Sue” since that’s the actual term this is based on.

Just being extremely powerful doesn’t = Gary Stu.

It’s a flawless character.

Gojo is a sexy male power fantasy who’s super attractive that everyone likes. Gary Stu.

Sukuna is a literal whore child (apparently) psycho with a deformed face.

The absolute clownery.