Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 153 Spoilers Thread


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- Itadori route begins.
-They put their money to take the suspended 3rd year student to join.
- They join into an underground martial arts competition.
- The bookmaker is looking for the 3rd year student.

Q: They are looking for the 3rd year student. Does it mean Hakari?
A (Leaker): Hakari

Q: Fushiguro goes along with Itadori to look for Hakari, right? Or is Fushiguro just watching?
A (Leaker): Fushiguro, Itadori and Panda. The opponent is Panda.

Q: Is Panda dead?
A (Leaker): Panda already defeated because of fixed-match

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Spoilers will be updated later.

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I don’t know if the Kamo guy will ever be important

He is part of the great families and is the heir but with Choso and the Kamo villain around he will likely take a back seat
i think he is already important. remember maki gave mai's body to momo. momo, todo and kamo are classmates and they should also know the truth about the zenin clans massacre as well. but the HQ doesnt know about maki being the killer. so i think noritoshi withheld info about maki from the jujustu higher ups i think after mai and kokichi's deaths, noritoshi kamo will side with tokyo's students (he already has a good relationship with megumi) when they eventually bring the reform that gojo wanted. this will be his character growth from trying to kill itadori in the tournament arc to bring reform as the next leader of kamo clan.