Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 251: Inhuman Makyou Shinjuku Showdown, Part 23

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Gojo >> Sukuna in terms of CQC. And this is the only right answer.
I still think he ranks in top 5 but bottom of that.

Gojo obviously bodied him in every exchange of cqc/h2h.

Yuki is a specialist and was out working Kenjaku with ease in that department.

Yuta is a weapons specialist and learned from maki so claim current maki and Tojo probably outshine in that department.

id also give Hakari the edge from what we’ve seen.

the only difference is output Sukunas punches are pretty close to Gojos blue infused punches or reaching those levels well I’m not sure until we see a fully healed heian era Sukuna with more output

mid probably even out naoyo or the zen’in clan at least naobito up there as well.

Sukuna is just op so his H2H/cqc doesn’t need to be the best or even in top 5 contention since he’s hax


More crying because Gojo got offscreened and lawyers and gamblers are constantly being compared to him. :kobeha::kobeha:
what’s this bum talking about now?

Oh yah not trashimo being glossed over by Sukuna and being treated as a playtiy while sorcerers for 6 months scaled better than him….


Also do we think Yuta or Rika gets eaten this chapter?

& for Megumi to have so much understanding of what’s going on after being hit by IV dudes a fucking tank tbh

if he’s free will be confirmed top 3 outside of Sukuna/gojo


Lazy is the way
he’s getting bodied by Yuta and Yuji no way he can handle Gojos level of onslaught that he kept whaling in him within and out of domains
Are you talking about current Sukuna who has low output, who is shaken by Yuji soul punch, who is fighting 3 vs 1 AND more importantly is doing all that with only 2 of his hands because he was using the other 2 for keeping up HWB ?