News Jump Festa 2022

Shanks will be making a move should've been written as a message in this Jump Fest, not the earlier one. :josad:

Unless, he does make a move before it ofcourse. :myman:
Wait really? I figured it would have been just another act break. Oda said that teasing the year 2020 though, no way he could have expected to end Wano then.....right?
He said this in one of his messages:

The Wano Kuni arc is finally moving towards its climax as well!! I've been looking forwards to drawing Wano Kuni a lot, so I'm psyched! And once it's over, things are going to be grim. Sabo will...!! Vivi will...!! Hancock will...!! AAAAAAAA...!!!
'And Once it's over' :josad: