Versus Battle Juuko guys vs Last Wei Fire Dragons


Lazy is the way
I would bet on Team Jukko , Man U got that what Gaimou is missing.

Ranbihaku is wild card here , and even Tou hyped him...
So I can see him change the tide of the battlefield , with his martial art alone. I'm inclined toward 3 fire dragons
Rei ou seems more hyped than Ju ku Ou
Earl Shi vs Sento Un will be a fun fight
And Gaimou vs Man U the bull fight

Overall even if Man U can beat Gaimou it will be hard and I trust Rei ou to have the better plans

I bet on the Dragons

With Gen U and Ranbihaku I don’t know. Gen U is smart and strong but Ranbihaku is a powerhouse.
Overall even if Man U can beat Gaimou it will be hard and I trust Rei ou to have the better plans
Jukko have survived countless battles together , hence have better understanding and bond. If they are fighting in their own terrain then fire dragons can't beat them . If they are fighting in Wei then it's a different story
R1: Jukko have solid chances if Man'U manages to finish Gaimou and help Sentoun fight Earl Shi, cause it's hard to choose a winner inbetween. Strategy could help but since Ranbihaku isn't there to help Reiou in battlefield, it would be a tough one for her.
R2: Jukko again.
Is Rei Ou a chick???

I thought he was a guy? Lol

Well anyway, I wouldn’t sleep on Gaimou. Him vs Man’U is at best an extreme diff for Man’U, there’s no way Man’U rolls over someone like that I think. And the Juukou gang have no other fighters that I think can slay Shi Ei, in fact I think as far as both tactics and martial skill go, neither Gen’U or SentoUn will defeat him. Shi Ei actually has solid tactics, Kanjou praised his tactics before the Gyoku Zhou knew who their opponent was. And Rei Ou should get the tactical benefit of the doubt over Juuko Ou right now.

So even without Ranbihaku I think the Juukou gang are at a disadvantage.


Lazy is the way
Brain wise : Rei Ou > Ju Ko Ou > Earl Shi / Gaimou lieutenant / Gen U > Man U > Sento > Gaimou > Ranbihaku

Martial wise : Man U > Gaimou > Earl shi / Sento > Ranbihaku > Gen U > Rei Ou > Ju Ko Ou

I think the dragons have a small advantage
Consider me mindfucked if Rei Ou is a woman lol.

Chu felt like keeping them close as ally (sort of) has more benefit than to have them as a constant obstacle.
Oh it’s a brilliant move from Shunshinkun, having these guys defend Juukou without Chu giving them really anything in return. Chu solidified themselves an extremely strong territory for really no cost lol.