Spoiler Kaguya=Raditz


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Lower ranked than Isshiki is how I understood it. Doesn't mean she's a low rank jobber.
I don't know if I remember correctly but Isshiki wasn't like top top tier himself. I'd need to check previous chapters but not right now.

If I remember correctly then this statement basically means that Kaguya is fodder despite being Otsutsuki.


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That mangaka didn't only shit on Naruto as a whole, he took an extra dump on the most influential and important antagonist, literally the creator of the ninja world - and the fact that Kaguya is pure trash literally makes it worse...

That's why Naruto officially ended for me at chapter 700.
I read that chapter after seeing this thread. Apparently the Oototsuki an sacrifices the weaker person in any pair to feed the Juubi (which is the Shinju tree seed) cause it helps make a tastier fruit.

the clan apparently can reincarnate too, so it’s not an actual death. Kaguya was just a lower rank than Isshiki or whoever he is.

it’s still stupid and the more lore that goes to the Juubi the less it makes sense
She isn't fodder. She ist just weaker than Isshiki.
The problem with Boruto and the end of Naruto is that Kishimoto introduced aliens in a fucking ninja manga. No one needed her or Isshiki or someone else from their clan. It should have ended with Obito and Madara.
No, that's not entirely true!

Before that Burrito crap retconned Kaguya's origin, she was portrayed as the Moon Princess from a japanese folkslore. And everything around that made sense; Shinjuu Tree and the moon being an important factor.
That was actually interesting about Kaguya because back there, she wasn't just an alien, she was a princess but became a divine entity with incredible powers due to eating the forbidden fruit from the world tree.

But since that Burrito mangaka is perfect at writing crap plot, that guy simply threw all that interesting stuff away. The Juubi was a godlike creature but now... It. Is. Just. A. Fucking. Parasite.


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Naruto should have wrapped up shortly after Pain was defeated imo. There was no need for Madara or the 4th shinobi world war. Do a bit of a re write and have Killer bee and his samurai friend kill Kisame at five kage summit and let naruto and sasuke have their final fight there as well.
I really swallowed up my pride to read this especially after this massive edo tensei shit.