Speculations Kaido ran away from God Valley

Did kaido run away from gold valey?

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It is possible that the hostages lord abandoned Xebec and since he did not have the fruit in God Valley that made him a tough punching bag, he fled like a pathetic weakass
Bro Ladmirals ganging caught Waido and he doesn't even mentions anyone in chapter 1001 lmfao Waido was an apprentice in rocks crew and possibly more powerful than Ladmirals of same age
we know than big mom gave to kaido his devil fruit but why she was given it in the middle of the battel?
My speculations is this: when kaido saw the real great pirates (roger, xebec, wb and ray) and the strongest marines (garp and sengoku) he feared for his life and he ran away. Big mom saw him and he give the devil fruit.
This is something I have been considering for a while, especially since he's so power hungry yet also seeks to have a glorious death in combat. I feel like it may be a reaction to something like this
You willfully ignore the mountain of evidence pointing to Kaido is the Strongest and then claim Zoro can defeat Kaido in a solo fight ignore what happened during their fight.
Because titles are not universal.

Explain why Whitebeard was not labeled as WSS despite factually being a swordsman exactly.

Or give me the evidence of Kaido being considered WSC by the entire planet.

Or that Oda did not change his mind on Kaido despite evidence shows differently.