Speculations Kaido ran away from God Valley

Did kaido run away from gold valey?

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Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything

I don't think he ran away because of being a coward or else we should label all of his side as cowardice on paper. But he was overwhelmed by the Marine side yes.
This is something I have been considering for a while, especially since he's so power hungry yet also seeks to have a glorious death in combat. I feel like it may be a reaction to something like this
@Fn Lucci explain very good
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prime kaido=>young mihawk without sword:choppawhat:
Because titles are not universal.

Explain why Whitebeard was not labeled as WSS despite factually being a swordsman exactly.

Or give me the evidence of Kaido being considered WSC by the entire planet.

Or that Oda did not change his mind on Kaido despite evidence shows differently.
KAIDO dice to be the strongest in the world.

And Oda used the word 'Saikyō Seibutsu (最強 生物): which translated as The Strongest Biological Being / The Strongest Creature Among All Beings. Seibutsu includes all living things in the world, including humans. The reason why free manga sites misspell Kaido's title is because the English word "Creature" has plural meanings, but in the original scan there is no ambiguity because the word 'Seibutsu' is the one being used, which is why Kaido was not given the title "Strongest Man" or anything like that, because he is simply not human.

Kaido's title isn't ambiguous at all in the japanese version, his title 100% include humans.

You can do a quick research on what Seibutsu mean:
living thing, life, organism, creature .

seibutsu creature 2. seibutsu living things.

The ambiguity only come from people reading the English chapter and assuming the word "creature" is to be understood in the animal sense.

In japanese it clearly mean Kaido is the strongest living organism/thing and quite obviously humans are living things.

Kaido's title 100% put him above any human alive in the series, the only way Kaido isn't the strongest character is if his title is fake in the first place or if someone surpass him in the future.

D: Odacchi!! In the sbs from volume 82 you told us how to escape from Akainu, bears, ghosts and the like. But when I try to do this before my angered mother I'm just beaten up... Is my mother stronger than Akainu? P.N. Star Fairy
O: You better watch out! you're being too brash! A mother is the strongest living being in the world, even stronger than Kaido!! Don't you dare do it again! But, you know, your mother loves you more than anyone else.
Kaido literally destroys akainu.

Kaido: "I heard that, Straw Hat !!! Do this ... I accept your challenge !!!
I will show you the largest army in the world !!! ".

The word used here is a bit complicated, since KAIDO uses the term:, which essentially
means greater "military resource". This term is commonly used to refer to an asset powerful enough to help win a war,
be it an army, weapon or other asset. However, the word can also refer to an individual who is such an asset
fundamental in the sense of power / skill, to be more precise with you MARINE HQ, kaido is literally referring
himself as the "most powerful in the world", or something literal like "the strongest military asset in the world", which is definitely not a light statement, he believes without a doubt being the strongest living creature in the world!

KAIDO did not limit his words only to ONIGASHIMA or his organization as emperor, the titles of greatest military power of the admirals are restricted only to the navy they don't apply to the rest of the world.

So, in a way, there is the greatest military power in the navy, and there is the strongest active military resource in the world KAIDO, in a way, KAIDO is being placed individually and above them here.

The navy's greatest military power, are the 3 admirals together, none of them individually is called the most powerful military resource in the world.

KAIDO solo is self-declared the strongest military resource in the world individually.
of the world ≠ of the navy.

of the world > marine.

YONKOU TEACH with 2 DFS referred to KAIDO as:

Romance ACE puts KAIDO above Whitebeard, who beat AKAINU even weaker.

According to some information collected by Skull from the Spades Pirates, Whitebeard is the strongest pirate in the world.
But the author of this novel says that it is not easy to define the word "stronger".
Skull loves anything about pirates and collects pirate merchandise. He believes that Kaidou is the strongest in the 1 to 1 fight.

He adds that Kaidou is the strongest creature. He wouldn't die even if you tried to kill him. NOVEL DO ACE VOL 2.

Here is the amount of evidence and facts, SBS, DATABOOK, MANGA, MAGAZINE, NOVEL, the amount of evidence to put AKAINU higher than KAIDO in this manga is absolutely 0 (zero), there is not even one evidence in 1022 chapters.
The theme of betrayal sounds cliche imo. I don't see Kaido or Whitebeard or Big Mom betraying Xebec for their own goods. Just like how I don't see Big Mom betraying Kaido in Onigashima. They're most likely got scattered or disbanded like Roger's crew in the fight against Garp.