Questions & Mysteries Kaido's top brass are seriously undermanned and it's killing the tension

Queen’s Katakuri level and King’s 20% stronger (FS Luffy level) so they’ll be alright. Who’s Who is also probably about ~>Dressrosa Law level with both Page1 and Ulti being above base Sanji
First Who's Who is Doflamingo level. Now he is Law level. Mate stop trolling.

Who's Who can be taken care of by X-Drake which is my point. Tobi Roppo are dysfunctional.
Tobi Roppo are dysfunctional.
They are in the same area as the SHs, what do you expect! This isn’t the first time. Plot demand the whole topi roppo not to regroup and face the SHs head on. Even the calamities as well.
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I’m fluid in where I rank Who’s Who.
Just wait till he show some combat stuff, before claiming him as strong as Doffy cuz as of now there’s no reason to even suggest such a thing.
Yeah they don't have enough men. Kaido is weakened already, jack is out, he will come back but will still be weakened as well.

But mom doesn't give a shit about the situation. And her crew isn't coming.

As you said the Tobi Roppo aren't really loyal to the crew. Even if they are the supernovas and some of the straw hats can take care of them.
2 calamities left, zoro and sanji will take them out.
Luffy will solo weakened kaido.
And the alliance still have Marco and Yamato who can basically sit in their asses.

Easy win for the alliance.

And you're also right, some of the scabbards should have stayed down, it would have made things even easier for them.

critical mindset

Do you think Vergo-san will steal Black Maria from Crydo?
Read my latest thread about Vergo’s cardiovascular prowess. He can sustain a raging hard-on and dick down some big booty while Kaido is crying because he’s got alcohol induced impotence
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You guys are so invested on a dead guy who will never appear again! You good guys?
Nice trolling