Kaminari vs Kirishima


Pain to tha World….
So if these 2 were to square up, who wins? And to make it more interesting, Kaminari brain doesn’t short circuit when he uses his Electricity.

Location: Dagobah Municipal Beach Park
Intent: To Kill
Distance: 40m at start

I’d personally go wit Kaminari cause his Quirk imo is better(it’s like Todorkis, except with Electricity) but Kirishima has tha definite advantage when it comes to physical abilities so Kaminari would have to try and fight at range most of tha time. I could see him beating Kirishima at extreme diff


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If Kaminari's brain does not fry itself in this scenario then Kaminari steam rolls Kirishima.

Electricity causes the muscles to freeze up, so as soon as he is hit by an electrical attack Kirishima will be locked in place. Kirishima rarely dodges anything and Kaminari's attacks have a wide area of effect.

Although if this is Dagobah Beach while it was still a scrap heap then the copious amounts of metal will interfere with Kaminari's electricity. Likewise, Kirishima can use that scrap to hide (though he probably would not do that).

Even then all Kaminari has to do is cover himself in electricity and wait for Kirishima to punch him and then it is over..... Unless Kirishima starts throwing refrigerators at him or something. Lmao. :suresure:
I would have to catch up with this Manga again, been long time nw bt Kaminari looks to be in advantage here given electricity quirk is op skill. Bt then again Kaminari isn't so trained with it(since his brain always short circuit) while Kirishima is so that factor could even the match somewhat.


Pain to tha World….
Kaminari's got the recoil for his lightning, so any big blows he uses is gonna make this a double KO. Meanwhile, Kirishima took a pounding from Rappa and still moved on. Endurance is his special area and I don't see the UA Traitor taking him down with existing feats.
I took off his restrict. He dose t go full retard after using his lightning
If Kirishima can get in close for a few minutes, he's probably putting Kaminari on his neck. I can't remember any impressive endurance feats coming from Kaminari so I don't think he'd be able to survive an onslaught.

If Kaminari is able to keep him at a good distance though and spam ranged attacks at him then he may be able to take him out after a prolonged battle.