Name: Katsumi Adachi
Epithet: White Haired Katsumi
Race: Wano Native
Affiliation: The Nex Pirates
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 183cm


He's calm, serious, distanced, loves to fight and contruct weapons/gadgets. Outside of fights, he only appears to smile occassionally. He doesn't open up or trust people easily, but when he does make friends he is loyal and will throw away his life to protect them. He can come off cold and blunt person when trying to get his point across. He is sensitive when he's put in embarassing situations and is very perceptive and ruthless. In battle destroys his enemies without hesitation and enjoys the thrill of a fight. There are also rare cases where he would completely lose himself in a fight. He is indifferent to gender/age when it comes to strength.

Very little is known about his past before he was caught.

At the age of eight, Katsumi was found floating in a barrel by small time pirates in New World waters and auctioned off as a slave on Sabaody to a man called "The Toy Man".

He was then taken to "The Toy Shop", a factory hidden on a no named island in the Grandline, where he would spend a rough 14 years of his life building weapons and gadgets to be sold off in the Black Market along with many others. Those who were inefficient were treated poorly or at the very worst killed.

At twenty-two, Katsumi, along with a few of his friends, agreed to escape The Toy Shop. He managed to escape by the skin of his teeth. However, his friends were not so lucky. He stole one of the boats from the port and sailed away alone, mourning their deaths.

A few months into his voyage, low on food and water, a bad run in with a Navy vessel resulted in the deaths of 20 marine soldiers. Katsumi was arrested and taken to Impel down, where he was locked in a cell next to a Pirate Fishman Hybrid by the name of Rihan who he became good friends with. Rihan freed him, along with the other prisoners and the two escaped together and formed a two man Pirate crew...

48 ×5=240
Strength: 45+16=61 Small Building Level
Speed: 51
-Reaction=61 Hypersonic Reactions
-Movement=41 Supersonic Speed
Vitality=53+ 8 = 61
61×2= 102
-Resilience=61 City Block Level
-Endurance=61 Immense Endurance
-Can perform highly advanced abilities (such as awakening attacks for DF users or advanced Haki technique) 5-7 times in combat

Intellect=31 Above Average Intelligence
-Engineering: 62
Haki= 24+12
-61-80 Immense Endurance Can perform highly advanced abilities (such as awakening attacks for DF users or advanced Haki technique) 5-7 times in combat
-Armanment Haki=51
-Observation Haki=21
Fighting Style=36
-Impact Style=72
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