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Kid awakening

  • The Gasha Gasha no mi style awakeing

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I don't know if anyone has posted this here or anywhere (they probably have) but i just want to get my thoughts out there as it is my first post)

Luffy and Kid seemed be to rivals back in Sabaody but right now he isn't anywhere close to Luffy. Luffy has adv haki in armament, observation and starting to use adv conqueror's and I think we have yet to see Kid use haki (please correct me if I'm wrong) other than in the movie Stampede. Kid can use his fruit pretty well by making somewhat crude mechanical weapons and the punk rotten but that didn't do much and was rather disappointing devil fruit wise. So Kid needs a power up to be a little closer to Luffy but without being stronger than him and still enough to be a contender for a yonko position maybe. This power up should be an awakening to at least set himself apart from just he advanced his haki out of nowhere.

We don't know when Kid ate his devil fruit, so lets assume its around the time luffy ate his. I've seen people want Kid's awakening to be about blood, basically blood bending but that doesn't work. we've seen with Law's devil fruit that with strong enough haki someone can stop his devil fruit. So if Kid is in a 1v1 versus Kaido or big mom which seems to be his opponent right now he wont be able to use this awakening (because big mom has strong enough haki that Law could not move her with his devil fruit) making it useless. Also it would be pointless to use this power like Doflamingo, where he uses it to manipulate other people fighting each other as Kid would just try to defeat them instead.

SO Kids awakening should be like Douglas Bullets fruit the Gasha Gasha no mi since it is non canon. This would allow Kid to use the metal he has gathered and allow him to assemble and disassemble it into different machines, weapons and maybe armor easier rather than just surrounding his fists. He could use it similar to Bullet to make that golem thing or make robots or mechanical beast/animals to overwhelm an opponent and also rather than just finding scrap on the island he's fighting at, use the awakening to compress the metal (this wouldn't make much sense in our world but it's one piece) like how Diamante uses his fruit and carry it on him so that he isn't at a disadvantage when there is no metal around.
He should be able to do this without awakening.

He did use haki in stampede was he “crushed” bullet.

I think his awakening is gonna turn his surroundings into metal sorta like doflamingos awakening.

So he will have unlimited metal
Kid's awakening = turning the surrounding in metal = he won't need to bring metal scrap behind him to everyplace he goes = he can fight everywhere (aside from water scenarios) = "infinity" supply

He already can do what you say, more or less.
Honestly don't expect something big from kidd, his fans set the bar too high and the guy fail to deliver :josad:

Just expect him doing something worth of mention :kayneshrug: