Powers & Abilities Kidd is every swordsmans natural enemy

Kidd has CoC... but whatever ... Oda failed me
Yes but we kept saying he'll awaken ACoC but it never happens. Said he'll get in vs Big Meme in their 1v1. 1v1 didn't happen, said ok make sense Oda saving it for another time since it's 2v1 vs BM. Then 1v1 Shanks they'll split the sky right? Oda said your guy won't even last a minute... CoC grows with the user. ACoC Luffy > CoC Luffy. ACoC Zoro > CoC Kid

I doubt Kid will ever get ACoC now. Better overall haki and little to no awakening stamina issues if he ever reappears in the final war. Should be enough for an admiral/gorosei/Admiral candidate, maybe with help of plot, imo.