Powers & Abilities King is as strong as if not stronger than Meme

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Yes, another King thread....

This thread is about Zoan King being as physically strong or even stronger than Big Mom in Base.

So we all know our Precious Little O-Lin and her abilities. She has the mind of a toddler, hasn't used haki or her homies. However she still has the physical strength of Big Meme.

Now let's see how much damage her attack could do too Queen.

In comparision to a Pheonix Brand from Marco

Now we can clearly see Phoenix Brand is an attack stronger than Big Meme's physical attacks on Queen.

However now Marco needed to use Phoenix Brand to replicate a feat King has done....

It's clear as day Marco needs to use a named attack to contend with King's Zoan Physical strength. But the fact that it was "Phoenix Brand" and that was an attack stronger than Base Meme punches is crazy. And before yall start crying....here's Meme struggling with the Sunny

And the Sunny is an ant to the Queen Mama Chanter

If King hit the Sunny....he'd absoultely obliterate it.

"Buh....buh...Meme knocked out Queen."

No she didn't......He was like concious in like 7 pages

Overall, since Meme is a Yonko and since I feel bad for her.....I may agree to her and Zoan King being around equal strength. Though she gotta prove herself.....since currently.

Nameless Zoan King = Pheonix Brand > Big Mom....in strength.
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