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even if they arent like the original one, they will sell figures like crazy:
I don't know if I like this thing or not. The whole idea of the Serphim makes my skin crawl the more I think about it.

I believe they were made using Arbel's Lineage Factor, which was probably taken from him in Punk Hazard without his knowledge or consent. I always wondered why we see him there chained to an MRI machine. It has nothing to do with testing his durability. Now I understand - they scanned Arbel's body to create the Seraphim.

This creation of the Seraphim screams immorality, both in how they were made, without the consent of the people the lineage factor was taken from, and in sending children to a battlefield. Everything about them is so wrong, and what more, they are supposed to represent justice.

The only ray of light I can see is that maybe Vegapunk did Arbel a favor in creating other Lunarians. If somehow he manages to undo the Marines' control over them, maybe his race can be restored, since there is at least one boy and one girl.
Because of the seraphim, a quote from Passover Haggadah got stuck in my mind, so I made a meme.
I guess most of you are probably unfamiliar with the quote, but you all like King so I'll put it here anyway:

The original says I am God, but I adapted it to One Piece. (In Hebrew I wrote I am from the Kingdom of Gods, in hopes of not offending anyone religious).
I really like that quote in relation to King and the Seraphim. I am dying to see King interact (in the likely very distant future) with these guys. Based on a race of gods and turned into servants of gods, it's a very interesting switch of roles.
I'm tempted to do a King vs Katakuri thread explaining why King wins lol. Should I do it?
Personally, I'm not into vs battle threads. I don't understand half of all your abbreviations and I like both characters. I wish to see them both on Luffy's side eventually. I know most of this forum is about vs battles and power scaling, personally I registered here for this thread. I love King whether he wins or loses, I wish for his dream to meet Joy Boy and change the world to come true. I wish for his race not to go extinct, and return to its glory once again.
So you can open a thread if you wish, I might take a look but I will probably not participate in the battle.