Kingdom - Chapter 631: The Red Stairway

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Better than expected. I don't like the whole "is Shin dead?" cliffhanger but the resolution in this chapter is pretty good.

With Hyou coming and talking about old days, fishing for Shin's answer with the name of the unit and how King of Qin looks like. Then Kyokai threw Shin into the circle of light and the 2 dead guys coming in last minute only to save Kyokai too. Then usual hyperbole but funny dialogue "keep calling his name even if you puke blood!!1" and finally Shin wakes up.

On another bright side, whole "is Shin dead?" nonsense cliffhanger is finally end, and the more arguable cliffhanger "is Kyokai dead?" is officially over too.

Better chapter than several last chapters including dragging Houken battle and Riboku's bullshit fairytale (suddenly crying from 1 eye).
Even though didn't like this plotline, liked the chapter!!

Kyokai being invisible initially and Hyou slowly making Shin remember his dreams was cool to read....Wonder what that portal is because Kyokai was shouting that Shin will be really dead if he climbs the stairs...

Glad she was alive as well...Kyokai slowly losing her life force proportional to the time she is in that portal was interesting...

Glad we can go back to the usual Kingdom stuff!!
There was a lot of emotion this chapter. Kyoukai giving her all to save Shin was touching, Hyou and Shin meeting once more, Shousa and Kyougai having one last scene and Hyou making Shin remember his dream himself. You guys are all bringing a tear to my left eye. :catsweat:

I am not sure why this plot was even added to the story ?
Exploring the well established spiritual aspect of Kingdom, furthering the relationship between Kyoukai and Shin, allowing Hyou and Shin to meet once more and potentially removing Kyoukai’s ability to use the Shiyuu Priestess Dance without outright crippling or killing her.