Kingdom - Chapter 662: Why We Fight

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The Hype Build Up of Kingdom is unmatched.
just the panel of massive Zhao soldier standing still was enough to describe the scale of this war.
GakU Ka and Gyoku Hou army is getting a proper power up. Until now it was only HSU which was getting all the OP army and commanders. Also I didn;t know Vice General of Gaku Ka was the long lost brother to SenToUn;

Looks like HSU will be needing an experienced Infantry commander, I wonder if Yo TanWa army would help him because of their past history. HSU is the most diverse Unit and adding in few mountain tribes would be no big thing for them.
I loved how Kyoukai took the damage for her actions but this whole Dark side/ Light side thing better not be dragged on for too long.
Man, this was an awesome chapter.

The first thing I’ll say, is once Kyoukai gets it together, the Hi Shin Army won’t be lagging behind the Gaku Ka and Gyoku Hou. Mouten and Ouhon getting Aisen and Akakin does not push them ahead of Shin, really this is the first time Ouhon and Mouten have gained subordinates that can compare to Kyoukai lol. So I’m glad that these two were able to snag some powerful commanders.

As for Aisen: he is awesome. Pretty scary actually lol. I didn’t think we’d see Mouten getting a Sento Un esque battle junky so quickly (though ofc Aisen has growing to do before he reaches Sento Un’s caliber)

As for Akakin: It’s interesting that Ouhon would get a subordinate as wild and uncontrollable as Akakin, this is a nice shakeup to the previously orderly Gyoku Hou lol. Akakin will make a powerful addition for sure.

Lastly, the apparition Kyoukai saw in her dream looked a lot like Kyoukai herself. Not too sure what this means but I’m eager to find out.

9/10 chapter for me.
Well I certainly enjoyed the first half of the chapter. It makes sense that the Gaku Ka and Gyoku Hou armies are performing better than the Hi Shin Army considering that they have completely offset their losses with powerful new subordinates in Aisen and Akakin, both of whom are beasts who are far stronger than the individuals they replaced in Adjutant Kozan and... looks up wiki... Kyuu Kou.

I like how the loss of Shousa has significantly affected the Hi Shin Unit. Truly he was one of the best of the original members. Perhaps he could have even become a General under Shin. We will never know. :josad:

So either the Hi Shin Army need to get their act together somehow or someone higher up the food chain (either Ousen or Shouheikan) is going to send someone out to assist Shin (and in the case of the ever shady Ousen, spy on Shin. :madmonk:).

As for the Kyoukai stuff, well, let us see how that goes first. I am wary of the plot whenever it focuses on her. Lol.

Zoro D Goat

ℨ𝔥𝔞𝔬'𝔰 𝔊𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔱 ℌ𝔢𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔰!👑
Kyoukai in the chapter. Checked.
Shin x Kyoukai moment in the chapter. Checked.
Some kind of weird Bushin aura manifestation at the end of the chapter. Also checked.
The Hi Shin Unit still recovering from the loss of Shousa. Checked (it's totally not Suugen's fault for feeling useless).

The Gyoku Hou and Gaku Ka Army are still advancing as usual. And then there's this Sento'Un wannabe Aisen appeared out of nowhere and murk people left and right LMAO.:gokulaugh:Totally see why Mouten pick him lol. And as for Akakin, Ouhon will definitely have a hard time to put him under command for sure.:rolaugh:Great chapter :cheers: