Kingdom - Chapter 663: Rumors of Kyoukai

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So... that happened. :okay:

@FaradaySloth made some excellent observations in the Spoiler Thread that folk should look at.

So we have the apparent reintroduction of a very minor character that I doubt anyone was expecting to see again.

So I imagine that our new Super Shiyuu is here to either:

I) Assist Kyoukai in getting back her supernatural mojo.

II) Join the HSU, possibly to act in Kyoukai's stead as the resident instant fodder sweeper in case Kai has lost her Super Shiyuu groove.

III) Be the solution to the infantry problem in one way or another.

IV) Any combination of the above.

I doubt after having an entire chapter dedicated to her introduction, that this new character is going away anytime soon. Lol.
The spoiler said she was the junior not the other way I tripping or what..??
It was funny how Shin was denying of Kyoukai appearing in other battlefield but as soon as he said Ton Tan he was convinced it was Kyoukai. lol Also, this chapter showed us how HSU is functioning as an individual Unit with their own intelligence to scout the battlefield and making decisions on their own.
New girl seem to be evil from the looks alone. As many have already pointed it out, Houken hosted the God in him and after his death it might have chosen Kyoukai as a Host since she is into such thing. The new girl might be here to take the God for herself.

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conjuration ov Sleep Daemons
Hmmm...interesting. I was not expecting this, but it makes sense. The Shiyuu wouldn’t just let someone like Kyoukai run around free, right? Kyoukai, as far as the Shiyuu should want, should either be:

1. Dead


2. The current Shiyuu.

As Kyoukai is neither of these, I’m going to throw out another possibility that I haven’t seen anyone consider,

This new Shiyuu is here to kill Kyoukai.

Which I’m sure will ultimately result in some other bullshit power up for Kyoukai lol. We’ll see I guess.

This was a fun chapter though, in spite of my problems with Kyoukai. It’ll be interesting to see where Hara takes this.
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Yeah, I don't like that new girl already. She probably wanna try to kill Kyoukai but we all know that it ain't happening.:jordanmf: