Kingdom - Chapter 672: Golden Wings

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Shame that there isn't someone new that fill the 6th spot.(SHK could have said bitch I am also on that lvl when King told us there isn't anyone,but I have other duties)

Can't wait to find more about Shibasaku,the most mysterious former 6GG.

Hara is really trolling us with Heki!:steef::gokulaugh:

Tou is loyal to the core which is nice to see,he will come for that ass if the king is betrayed.
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GOAT chapter finally a prelude for the upcoming wars it doesnt really matter if its 5 or 6 its just the generals will freely attack all enemies to there strategy without asking the king or shouheikun it will really fasten things up

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

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Amazing Chapter. This chapter really made me realize how invested I am j the new Great Generals over the old. Outside of Lips Sama, who is an all time goat, and Haki Ki, who I think is just ridiculously awesome, I would say I 100% prefer this new group to the old.

The one part of this chapter that stood out to me was Sei openly stating that he knows that the new 6 do not share the same loyalty to him that King Shou’s did. I guess we can interpret this as Sei still not quite being a King of King Shou’s caliber, or maybe it’s that the state of Qin as a whole is still not as powerful as King Shou’s Qin was, or both. I know Shoubunkun said King Shou himself couldn’t have rallied Sai like Sei did but still lol.

10/10 chapter from a 10/10 manga.

Can't wait to find more about Shibasaku,the most mysterious former 6GG.
If Hara stays true to historical parallels, the General who Shibasaku is based on is an extremely important character for Qin. I won’t elaborate but Shibasaku may be a mind on par with Ko Shou and Rin Shou Jou. Maybe.