Kingdom - Chapter 673: Uncertain Air

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Nice to see new general of Han and the big dude is from Han,I thought that he is from Yan.Would love to see Han and Chu alliance with Chu sending them some help when they face Qin.

Hakuki's name is constantly mentioned,I can't wait to finally find out more about him..Nice little hype for Ousen and Moubu

Looks like Ordo is also a pokemon collector like Ousen!:gokulaugh::steef:
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Han is starting to hear boss music, and Yan is begging to get blown off the map with that clown Loldo. :suresure:
I expect if Yan has shit tone of mountains he will be pain in the ass to deal with.
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Prince of Yan-"Entan", a fellow Zhao hostage along with El Sei. :kizabat:Now that's an interesting development. If he turned out even 10% of Sei, their battle will be legendary,
The previous 6 GG must have been a crazy strong Generals because even the revival of the System has other state on PTSD. Haku Ki and Ou Kotsu hype is real.
Just as expected, the strength of 3 GG is too much for Ko Chou to handle. Out of 3, one is gonna misuse the given power or so. I wonder who it could be..:usosmug: Also it could be all 3 of them cause the translation say. "in their wild rampage." :brootea: