Kingdom - Chapter 704: Heading North

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I have never been so hyped for any character than Shiba. Those two new generals look decent. And Roumou hold the key of this battle i guess.
First they will split Ousen and Kanki at Atsuyo .
Kanki will be first one to reach to Gian in hope of reinforcement from Taigen. But those two generals will halt the advancement . Kanki will have to fight losing battle this time.
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Also why did other author wasted 2 pages on stupid Kaine. Was so anticlimactic for Kingdom standard..
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These two new General look impressive, more hype for Shi Ba. Yes he's going to be pretty good. It is certainity now.

Riboku will likely win this time author is making clear he'd have no resistance from King. In that scenario can't see Riboku loosing. Though the Riboku-Kaine panels hints otherwise. That was likely death foreshadowing.

Shame Ouhon doesn't seem to be part of this war with Shin and Mouten, seems like Kanki pushed his shit too far in so he's still in recovery mode

Actually no years passed since then he should be up and ready, did he stay behind to guard the path too like yontawa army?

That way we have Mouten and Ousen army, Shin with Kanki army, while Ouhon army and Yotanwa army guarding the territory they conquered
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The potential forces so far for this war:

We have 4 Seika generals + Shibashou so far

Riboku, Shunsuiju, Bananji, Kaine, Futei, we may also get someone else from Kantan

And Kisui with his boys

Ousen, Mouten, Heki army

Kanki, Shin army

Northern Qin army reinforcements (unknown)
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Sanji D Goat

Kaine dreaming about having a family with Riboku and live in a farm was actually pretty wholesome. Considering Riboku's dream is to lead a peaceful life in a farm and flock some sheep. But nah, reality is often disappointing.

Those two new Seika generals looks dope. Really dig their designs and their wolf fur coats. So Shibashou has total of 4 generals working for him so far, and each one of them seems pretty strong, which makes me think that what if Shiba would become a Great General or even Zhao's Great Heaven in the future? It would nice for Riboku to have someone to work with as his equal ever since Houken's death.

My girls Yotanwa and big titty Kitari is back.:blush::sweat:Hekibro is back too.:finally:(Wonder if Heki bang both of them at some point?:sadgrin:)

Shin simping for Tanwa.:suresure:His future wives Ten and Kyoukai is already staring at him.

The Zhao king licking Kaine's hand........

Here I thought that Sen would be a bit chiller than Toujou but nah, man's still a little bitch like his late father.
If I was Riboku, I would have chopped his head off. No need to serve a king like that. "You can love your country but not its ruler."

And it seems like Riboku will separate Ousen and Kanki armies somehow. Looking forward to it.:cheers:
Don’t know if it was seen already but someone on NF said that :

Kansaro and Jiaga have their names written in katakana instead of kanji like most foreigners / moutain tribesmen. So this does imply they are some sort of tribal people.
hmm interesting


plz hara just for fucking once give mouton something , it's ok if ohon is abesnt this arc
but give this guy something plz