Kingdom - Chapter 729: A Beautiful Child

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Solid chapter! Idk about the whole "beautiful child" part though. :yasu:

This chapter made me hope more and more, Kanki's actual weakness is the bond he has with his closest subordinates and not "DoN'T KnOw OrThDOx TaCTics". The way he talks with them this chapter about their past experience, and how they talk to him about what they've been through. Along with the reaction to Rindo's death...

Idk man, it's the glaring weakness that nobody has exploited of Kanki yet. The man who seems to not care about death in general, becomes a mess when his closest are put down. So here's to hoping this is his actual weakness. :josad:
Kanki's interaction with his army was everything...:amazing: Maybe Kanki is really a fallen Royal which is why he hates everyone and everything except for those whom he surrounds himself with kinda like Dolfamingo. I still wonder how he managed to change Saki clan. Maybe he had the previous leader wrapped around his finger.
Also, Kanki clan..?? :kaidowhat: first time hearing it.
Hara gives Kanki one last flashback before he get his shit packing by Riboku.:suresure:

Kanki in his teen looks good though. Reminds me of young Shin except his hair is way more spiky.

Also, is Kingdom on break again?