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I didn't notice those were intestines until yall pointed it out. Kanki is one messed up dude. Flashback has been very interesting. Normally I let the kingdom chapters build up but I can't seem to do that recently.
I typically do the same thing but kanki has me hooked he is so interesting 😂 and the ending knowing where all his rage comes from :steef::steef:, and what he did to the guy
Like who you like, obviously, but, Kan Ki is a probable rapist himself, and certainly enabler of it and worse. His entire army is comprised of them thieves, rapists, murderers and all sorts of cutt-throats. Rai Dou collected women in cages.
I don't like him, I just don't him as much as I used to hate him
It's more understable what Saki clan does considering their past
It's hard to be a kind Guy when all you know to survive is violence
What I'm half predicting/would like to see by the end of the Zhao Retaliation Arc
  • Kan Ki dies or defects to Yan/Wei because of his failure and knowing Sei was likely waiting to kill him once he outlived his usefulness (and the Q3 matured, as they are at a frightening pace, hence the Ri Boku specifically acknowledging Shin in that manner)
  • Ma Ron becomes Shou Bun Kun's aide and/or joins Shou Hei Kun's strategy school; he basically becomes a low-level politician to hold on to his lifestyle
  • Koku'Ou dies, goes into exile or defects with Kan Ki
  • Rin Gyoku surprisingly joins the Gaku Ka Army, adding his cavalry expertise with theirs
  • Shaken by his encounter with Ri Boku, Mou Ten agrees to join Ou Sen's circle in order to become stronger
    • as a consequence, either Den Ri Mi or Sou'Ou leaves the Ou Sen Army and transfers to the Gyoku Hou Army
  • Mou Ten's Gaku Ka Army grows to 40,000
    • 10,000 Mou Ten Army [Centre]
    • 10,000 Ai Sen Army [Vanguard]
    • 10,000 Riku Sen Army [Wing]
    • 10,000 Rin Gyoku Army [Wing]
  • Ou Hon's Gyoku Hou Army grows to 40,000
    • 20,000 Ou Hon Army [Wing]
      • 5000 A Ka Kin Unit
      • 3000 Kan Jou Unit
    • 20,000 Den Ri Mi/Sou'Ou Army [Wing]
  • Shin's Hi Shin Army grows to 40,000
    • 20,000 Ri Shin Army [Wing]
      • 3000 So Sui Unit [LT]
      • 2000 En Unit [LT|HQ Reserve]
      • 3000 Suu Gen Unit
        • 500-Man Taku Ei Unit [Archer Division Protection]
        • 300-Man Chu Tetsu Unit
        • 300-Man Ryuu Yuu Unit
        • 300-Man Bi Hei Unit
        • 100-Man Kan To Unit
        • 100-Man Ton Bros Unit
        • 100-Man Hei Rai Unit
      • 3000 Na Ki Unit [Special]
      • 2000 Ga Ro Unit [Special]
      • 2000 Archer Division
      • 2000 Den Yuu Unit
      • 1000 Hai Rou Unit
      • 1000 Den Ei Unit
      • 1000 Ryuu Sen Unit
    • 10,000 Ka Ryo Ten Army [Centre]
      • 2000 Cavalry
      • 8000 Infantry
        • 300-Man Seki Unit [Scouts]
    • 10,000 Kyou Kai Army [Wing]
      • 4000 Cavalry
        • 100-Man Kyou Rei Cavalry Unit [Special]
      • 6000 Infantry
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So ummm, Kingdom bros. What topics should I create next?

Saddest Deaths?
Favorite Epithets?
Favorite Groups?
Favorite Couples/Ships?
Favorite Hi Shin Unit members?
5 instances where Riboku could have defeated Qin once and for all?
Shibasaku or Chousha, who do y'all looking forward more?
Who will end up with Shin?
Who will end up with Heki?
Will Rokuomi survive or die again the next time we see him? (This one is gonna be meme worthy)


Perhaps all of them?