Island Kingdom of Alabasta

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I was standing at the ship moor, beneath me was the sea. Listening intently I could actually hear everything that was being said on the ship by my crewmates and temporary allies. In this fashion I finally got to hear what the plan was going forward. I was uncertain.. Streangely hessitant actually. It had been many months since I had felt this feeling, however I in my confusion didn't understand how significant this was. I had no real understanding of the madness that had gripped me since before I met and formed the Swan Pirates with Skoll and Hakucha.

So I am to search for and meet the revolutionaries that apparently dwell in this country.. I wonder if they have any connection to the large revolutionary army that are scattered around the world? Or if this is simply a ragtag militia that has formed in this country because of the apparent unrest that pervades here? Will we see eye to eye? What type of man will Crocodile show himself to be? .. Sigh.. A deal is a deal I suppose, but what will the ramifications of our actions actually be? This is such a mindfuck...

My shoulders slumped.. Gone were the lust for blood.. The twisted assurance that my actions right or wrong were mine to take. The iron will that what I did was something that needed to be done, no matter how depraved it was. As of right now I was simply not the same man that had chasticed Hakucha so very recently, but when my thoughts turned to the Celestial Dragons however.. Then I could feel the echo of my eternal rage, no matter what, that particular goal I would see through to the end.

No matter how I choose to deal with others.. No matter how conflicted I feel about Alabasta.. Those vermin will be exterminated.

A large splash alerted me that Skoll had left the ship, turning around I could see a large fleet of ships coming towards us.

So Skoll has left to meet them. To buy us time to scatter and do our bloody job. Damnit all, how can I leave him here... Something should be done.

My right hand spasmed on the hilt of my sword. It was a tense few seconds as I could almost hear words flowing up from deep within me

"Kill them all" It was but a whisper, but the compulsion was overwhelming as I could feel a twisted smile starting to touch my lips. Then the moment was over and I shook my head in sudden uncertainty. I almost understood what had happened, but then the meomory of those words faded like the embers of a dying fire and was gone.

I have to hide... But I cannot leave Rihan hanging. Where is he? Why cannot the others hurry along?

A thunk sounded in front of me, something had dropped a Den Den Mushi at my feet. Thinking back I remembered the others saying something about these things, they were for keeping in contact. I picked it up and hid it into the folds of my clothes for temporary safekeeping. Then I looked at the current danger facing Skoll, then at the water. Making a snap decision I dove into the water, my arms holding onto a pole from the moor as my head ducked under.

Hopefully I won't have to stay here long.. I cannot hold my breath forever.

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"Your plan can work, Malcolm. The royal family will likely be desperate for help right now. The World Government sending Marines to investigate Crocodile may as well be a diversionary tactic to make the rest of the world forget about this news story. They care too much about the balance of power to actually remove a Shichibukai for something like this."

Hakucha had walked back over to where her crew and allies were, her arms resting on her hips as she pondered everything she had heard so far.

"Of course, the royal family of Alabasta is a Kingdom affiliated with the World Government. If we're going to approach them, we should do it quietly and in secret. No one can know that they've had any contact with us, or they'll never agree to our terms, especially if Rihan and Katsumi have already gotten into a fight with the Marines."

Hakucha points directly at Malcolm.

"Malcolm, consider this your captain's orders! You are to infiltrate the Royal Palace in Alabasta under the cover of darkness, and secretly gain the King's agreement to pay us for our services once we have gotten rid of Crocodile for him!"

Hakucha shifts her finger towards Kyria.

"Kyria! You have ties to the Revolutionary Army. Therefore, I'm sure the Alabastan Revolutionaries would be receptive to you reaching out to them. This way, we can play both sides as Malcolm suggested."

Hakucha turns and looks towards Rihan and Katsumi. "Rihan, Kastumi, you two aren't a part of my crew, so I can't tell either of you what to do, but it would be best if you were to split up. One of you go with Malcolm, and one with Kyria."

Skoll looks downwards at Hakucha with a soft smile under his giant beard.

Ahh, of course. If I were to speak up now, it would undermine Hakucha's authority as my captain. And the plan seems good enough.

"Zodd!" Hakucha snaps her fingers as she calls the Parrot's name. Zodd flies out from below the deck of the ship, with a bag dangling in his beak. He drops the bag right in front of Hakucha's feet as he flies up towards the Crow's nest of the Black Death.

"Inside this bag are Den Den Mushi's. Each of us should take one, and that will allow us to stay in touch with each other. For now, I'm going to stay behind and begin repairs on the Black Death, as I promised. Skoll!"
Malcolm grinned to himself as he collected his designated den den mushi.

It doth be pleasing to see that the Captain hath taken an assertive stance. It makes crew dynamics far more simple.
At this, Skoll lifts himself off of the Black Death and stands knee-deep in the ocean next to the ship, still towering over his crewmates and allies. The cool sea-water violently stings his burnt legs as his feet find the sea-floor below.

"It appears we already have guests. I already have a Den Den Mushi, so I will go ahead and greet them. May the Allfathers watch over you all!"

Skoll turns away from the Black Death and begins wading his way through the glistening ocean waves, out towards the Sea behind the ship. Sailing over the Horizon were almost a dozen ships bearing a peculiar emblem on their sails.

Even from as far away as they were, Skoll could hear voices shouting from aboard them.

"That's a black-flag alright!"

"Look at the size of that one! Yep, those have got to be Pirates!!"

"Full-speed ahead, there's bound to be some bounty-heads among them!!"

Skoll grips Tartarus in both of his hands as he walks out towards the ships.
Old, weary eyes narrowed at the small fleet of ships in the distance.

Mine goodness, trouble already? It would hath been difficult at the most oppertune of times for Skoll to go unnoticed but now this... At least the Captain's diminutive size means she can likely slip away undetected.

Seeing as there was nothing else to do but to have faith in both his mighty comrade and the Lady above, Malcolm turned his attention elsewhere.
Pausing mid step, as I had forgot that Malcolm was waiting for an answer. I turned back over to him and cupped my chin

“We’ll your Cap’t checked tha first coupl’a things off tha list. Although I say we vote on it, but I’d suggest we present ourselves a bunch’a small groups, that way if Croc, tha Royals or tha Revolutionaries question it. We could leverage it in our favor saying we seen some guys that’re not from Alabasta speaking with and mingling with tha other factions. Thats a good man, as is we’d stick out like a sore thumb if se tried moving around. I’d say we split some money right now and buy some clothes at tha first place we find with our team. It’d be suspicious if 5 guys jus show up outta nowhere all buying clothes and shit. Plus don’t want tha chance that someone sees us early, y’all good with that?”
Due to the need to quickly escape the scene before said scene turned into a battlefield, Malcolm wordlessly tore into a hidden, sealed pocket in his trousers and tossed a bundle of beri secured in a compact cloth sack towards Rihan.

"There doth be 20,000 beri worth of Grondilier paper notes in there. What is not spent, I expect returned to mine possession."

With that said, Malcolm strode off of the gangplank and into the exotic city before him.

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~ R O Y A L - C H A M B E R S ~​

Whilst the election of the next chaperone was coming to an end and announcement was to be made, the King was within the Alubarna Palace. A huge palace structure with coned roofs and moorish architecture with intricate patterns on the wall leading up the roof. Just off to the side is a small royal wildlife rooftop with a small water fountain that was located towards the centre.

A few birds that would regularly pass through the little wildlife rooftop for their migration were of the national bird of Arabasta and a unique bird that hadn't been seen for a few years. The national bird was the Arabasta Partridge. A bluish-gray bird the bird of Arabasta along with the camel and oryx. Whilst the bird that hadn't been spotted for a few years was the White-Throated Arabasta Kingfisher. With it's signature bright blue back, wings and tail. Its head, shoulders, flanks and lower belly are chestnut, and the throat and breast are white. It had a small insect as it perched near the fountain.

The king would be holding onto his binoclaurs staring silently not trying to scare the birds, though his excitement would end up leading to so. [ Nefetari Cobra Appearance ]

Nefetari Cobra: ' How long has it been since i have spotted one, i better tell Elizabello and the Prodence Kingdom sometime. '​

~ M E A N W H I L E - E L S E W H E R E ~​

At the private bar [ Miss Doublefinger's Appearance ] asked if the boss called him revealing it was a colleague [ Mr.4 Appearance ]

Mr. 4: " Yes the boss asked me to come here before the announcement was made "
Miss Doublefinger: " I see, is it personal or assigned? "
Mr. 4: " Ah ah ah, you'll find out sooner or later ... Have you seen Miss Merry Christmas? "​

Miss Doublefinger wouldn't respond just stay quite as she had a cloth in her hand and wiped the table he was sat at.

Not that far, a good 30 minute away a ship would explode detonating with debris floating on the ocean floor with corpses hung against the debris and some blown to bits, a smaller ship would cruise past. [ Saitō Watanabe's Appearance ]

Saitō Watanabe: " This is where Crocodile is huh? "
Mysterious caller: " Yeah, did you know theres a bar here? "
Saitō Watanabe: " Interesting maybe i'd like to drink a pint of Crocodiles blood once we kill that son of a bitch "​

With the mysterious caller hanging up laughing entering the bar with Mr. 4 and Miss Doublefinger turning their attention to the door. The man would introduce himself as Sebastian Arclight the mysterious caller. [ Sebastian Arclight's Appearance ]

Sebastian Arclight: " Excuse me i got lost walking in this desert, i need a drink and to make a call if you don't mind "​

He would say with a smile though there was some sinister overtone to his tone.

As all of this was going on in a pitch dark room a lighter would be lit, lighting a cigar as a sigh with an exhale of smoke and a golden hook would shine.

Mysterious Man: " Things have only just begun "​

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Conqueror of the Stars

Out at Sea

The voices coming from the ships ahead had quieted down as Skoll walked further out into the ocean closer to them, perhaps as they had realized how large their opponent was. With each step, his giant legs sent small waves at the ships, rocking the fragile boat aggressively as the men aboard held onto anything stable they could find.


The sole voice that Skoll could distinguish rings out into the air, followed by a volley of explosive cannon-fire. The bombardment that peppers Skoll's chest immediately afterwards may as well have been rain drops, as they did nothing to halt the giant's forward movement, but instead merely filled his nose with the scent of gunpowder. Skoll grits his teeth as a horizontal swing of Tartarus reduces the ship nearest to him to smithereens, sending shards of wood, metal, and blood flying throughout the sky. Skoll could fear the terror in his enemy increase as they stared at the spectacle of one of their ship's obliteration.


Another cannon volley rings out, followed by the same weightless sensation across his torso.

"Apologies, but that will get you nowhere against me."

Skoll swings Tartarus over his head and downward towards another ship. The hammer instantly flattens the ship into the ocean without a trace, as a massive water spout shoots into the sky. Skoll's opponents watch on helplessly as the futility of their actions sets in.

"R-Retreat!!! Back to the port!! We've got to contact Mr. Zero!!!"

Skoll's eyebrow raises at this command.

Mr. Zero? That doesn't sound like a Marine name....Though I suppose I should've verified whether these ships were Marine ships or not before I attacked them...

As the ships slowly turned away from Skoll, a thought occurs to the giant.

But it's not too late to find out...

Skoll lunges forward and grabs a ship in the water with his left hand. As he slowly pulls the ship up and into the sky, many of its sailers jump off and into the ocean below. Skoll raises the ship up into the sky, directly in front of his face. This ship was nowhere near as big as the ship that had transported him to Alabasta, in fact this ship may as well have been a small boat by comparison. Skoll's white eyes fixate on the souls he senses aboard the deck of the ship. He feels there heart-rates accelerating as he pulls the boat in close to his face.

"Who is Mr. Zero? What organization do you work for?"

"G-Go to hell!!"

The ship in Skoll's hands bombards his face with another cannon volley. Skoll closes his eyes and tenses his facial muscles in annoyance as the cannon balls explode right in his face.

"Bah!!" Skoll shouts in frustration as he throws the ship and its screaming sailers out into the sky on his left. "They just had to aim for my face..."

As Skoll opens his whitened eyes again, he is still able to sense the rest of the retreating fleet sailing away from him.

...I suppose there's more than one way to get information.

As Skoll rubs his eyes with his left hand, he continues to walk out into the sea behind the retreating fleet. The water slowly rose up his body as he walked out deeper and deeper into the ocean, until eventually the giant's body was fully submerged in the water.

Back on the Black Death
Hakucha sits atop Zodd's back flying through the sky in orbit of the Black Death, examining the damage that there voyage had wreaked upon the ship. As part of her alliance with Rihan and Katsumi, she was intent on repairing their ship for them. After she had given our her initial commands, she had hopped atop Zodd's back without hesitation. She felt a strange sense of urgency now that she had reached her first real island in the Grand Line, and didn't see it fit to participate in any more discussion.

Extensive damage to the ship's hull from where Skoll's legs gripped the ship, damage to the deck itself, the central mast has been cracked...This is going to take a while...

Hakucha taps Zodd's neck, and the Parrot banks and immediately swoops down towards the lower deck of the ship.

I'm sure Rihan and Katsumi have supplies I can use to repair the ship below deck...

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Monster of tha Mist
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"I dont have any gadgets for infiltration. However, I wanted to go with Malcom anyway. We can shoot two birds with one stone, negotiate with the royalty and find out more information about the shichibukai residing here."

Fucking Christ…..ain’t you tha Bob tha builder mafucka among us? Why wouldn’t you have something for sneaking around?

I sarcastically jabbed at my friend while pocketing my own Den Den Mushi. Though I had to raise my voice so ge would hear me from behind his cabin door Suddenly feeling tha ship tilt and lurch at its sudden decrease is weight it was supporting, I stumbled a few steps before regaining my footing

Well there he goes to do his thing, which means we shouldn’t fuckin stay hea any longer than we have to…..

I could feel a twisted smile starting to touch my lips. Then the moment was over and I shook my head in sudden uncertainty.

Mentally nodding to myself, I turned to stare at Kyria who would be my partner for this part of our plan. From a single glance I could see he was lost in his own thoughts, whether those were good or not I wasn’t completely certain although tha deranged expression he wore pointed to tha latter

Hey! Swordsman, you gonna be able to keep it together? We bout to start prolly tha most important part of this shit. I need you to focus and to know you got my back, aight? Your mans Skoll already left to buy us sometime and defend our only way off this bitch, let’s not waste it and do our damn part….

Without waiting for an answer from my insane temporary comrade I went to the ships railing to pick up my staff before stopping and without turning around I intoned:

Aye Katsumi I’m heading out! I’ll holla atch’a inna coupl’a hours till then, stay alert stay alive and we got this, aight?

My piece said, I leapt over board and landed onto the scorching Alabasta desert sands. The waves of heat distorting the sand dunes that flooded my vision. Although in the distance I could see what appeared to be the tops of houses. Slinging my staff over my shoulder, I began my trek into the desert kingdom of Alabasta…..

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Booms echoed through the water, signaling that Skoll had started his distraction. I lifted my head ever so slowly from the water. Only my eyes could be seen as I looked back towards the battle. Good... With Skoll providing such a massive target, nobody will even deign to notice the rest of us. The time is nigh, I cannot hesitate here.

With very little effort put into my arms, I flung myself upwards, shooting out of the water at great speeds. My momentum carried me surprisingly high into the air before I landed on the desert with a muted thump. My forehead wrinkled in displeasure as my landing displaced a significant amount of sand that immediately clung to my wet frame. I was about to rush onward to avoid unnecessary attention when Rihan's voice halted me.

Hey! Swordsman, you gonna be able to keep it together? We bout to start prolly tha most important part of this shit. I need you to focus and to know you got my back, aight? Your mans Skoll already left to buy us sometime and defend our only way off this bitch, let’s not waste it and do our damn part….
I raised an eyebrow but said nothing before having taken a couple of steps. By that point, Rihan had shouted his last goodbye to Katsumi and I had gotten my thoughts in order.

"Hmph, those words ring rather hollow coming from one that is weaker than me. Just watch my back and I'll get us through this".

I didn't wait for an answer but rushed forward without looking back at my crewmate and his battle.

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As he entered his room Katsumi's sadness tranformed into rage. On instinct he clentched his right fist tightly and threw a punch into his own jaw. Grimacing, he ran his hand through his hair once again before spitting out blood onto the floor of the cabin.

Now is not the time to be feeling sorry for yourself. Ever since that day you've been clinging onto the past and what you couldnt do.

He stepped to his closet and quickly changed attire for the desert climate. Looking to his left he noticed his work bench full of his tools and Black Boxes. He walked towards the table and stared at them with glossy eyes.

"You made these for me, Yamato. You always said I was strong, but I took the longest to manifest my Ryou. You were always better at making weapons. The only one from Wano like me.."

He kneeled down and pulled a black colored sack from underneath the table. Tears fell from his eyes.

"But I was stubborn, I love the thrill of fighting head on. I always have. And when the machines came after that Celestial Dragon took Amara I couldnt even dent them. Maybe if I had used the weapons like I do now things would have been different, maybe you guys would have been alive to help me find her..."

Katsumi carefully placed every single Black Box one by one into the cloth. Followed by his grenades.

"I've been using the exact weapons you made you know that? I met Rihan and was going to use them to help him achieve his dreams and find her. But I can't use them anymore. These emotions, not letting go is making me weaker."

He wiped his tears into the sleeve of his coat and a look of determination lit up his eyes. He tore off a piece of the black fabric, pocketed it and pushed the bag back under the table

"I'll find her and help Rihan reach his dream without gadgets. With my own two fists, I'll get stronger and avenge you guys. I have to. This is my way, I cannot fight my instincts. No more freezing."

Loud booms could be heard on the outside snapping Katsumi back to reality. Among them, Rihan's voice broke through.

Aye Katsumi I’m heading out! I’ll holla atch’a inna coupl’a hours till then, stay alert stay alive and we got this, aight?
Katsumi rose to his feet made his way back to deck, smirking ever so slightly to himself.

Yeah. We do.

Filled with new sense of freedon, he reached into his other pocket, pulled out a rubber band and used it put his hair in one. He scanned the area for Malcom, who had already made his way to the desert below. Katsumi stepped off the plank, and landed in the sand. He used the black cloth to cover his nose and mouth before following in pursuit.

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Malcolm slowed his pace down once the sounds of Skoll's battle began to dim in the distance. Coming out of a quiet alleyway, the elderly pirate found himself on a main street, heaving with pedestrians going about their daily business.

Hmm, not too bad but I twas thinking of someplace a tad more... Upmarket.

Following the trail of more wealthy looking individuals and keeping his swords close to his right side as to not attract attention, Malcolm soon found himself in a plaza with a great fountain in the centre.

Around the fountain were numerous collapsible wooden stands all peddling various products for purchase. The entire scene was an excess to the senses. The air was filled with all sorts of smell from charred meat to fragrant perfumes while the eye could behold many colourful displays of flowers, food and clothing all while the area was bustling with energetic noises from merchants advertising their wares to the joyous laughter of children.

Ah, to bear witness to scenes such as this is truly the purpose of adventure.... Along with riches and fighting of course.

However, it was the pale, sun bleached stone buildings on the edge of the plaza where Malcolm would need to conduct business, for only the most affluent and successful of this settlement's merchants would be able to afford permanent residence in this prime retail spot.

In one such building was a finely dressed, grey haired, balding middle aged man with a small pencil mustache running a clothing store and tailor business.

Hearing the door chimes, he turned to greet his newest client only to see a stranger with a great, waist length beard in a bedraggled state bearing twin scimitars on his right hip. Seeing such a dangerous looking individual, the tailor's skin became clammy with sweat as he thought the worst was about to happen.

Oh no!

The aged intruder drew closer.

Oh No!!

He reached the front desk.

OH NO!!!

Malcolm spoke to the rather worried individual whose desk he had just reached.

"Please pardon mine appearance good sir, I doth had a spot of bother when entering the Grand Line. I seek to purchase thine finest cloth for I am aiming to dress to impress."

Emphasising on his desire to purchase whatever counted as the finest in this establishment, Malcolm plonked a large leather pouch on the desk and opened it for the shopkeep to inspect.

At the sight of it's contents, the shopkeep had but one thought.

OH YES!!!!

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