Turbo game Knight Errant Turbo

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Drago- Ekko > Udell > Unvote> Ekko
Nana- Ekko
Ekko- Nana > Pot > Drago > Nana
Solis- Udell > Drago
Pot- Drago
Udell- Ekko > Nana
Zolo- Lanji
Blue- Drago
Lanji- Drago

Drago- 4
Ekko- 2
Nana- 2

@Dragomir will be lynched.​


legacy in case i die
nana blue mafia team

leave lanji
leave pot
leave solis
and maybe leave udel
they good

pressure ratchy and zolo more

who else
can u articulate why? u might die tonight
found how he came into the thread interesting
fairly more aggressive than anyone else

if he's scum then amm right and he did so to appear like he was game solving
if am wrong , his pushes against you and udell might have been legitimate . either way i get a better read of the game state.
Not open for further replies.