Theory Koby will aquire the yuki yuki no mi in hachinosu

While Garp has arrived in Hachinosu, there is still one thing Koby needs to do before he can leave. Save Moria. Koby is an honorable man and he wouldn't break his oath, so I don't think he's just going to run away without helping Moria.

imo, Koby will get cornered by the BBP while trying to free Moria and will be forced to eat a DF he finds in hachinosu in order to escape. I believe this DF will be the yuki yuki no mi, Monet's DF.

While Koby has been shown to be a strong swimmer and is a hakiman like Garp, imo with the series nearing its end, it is very likely Oda will give Koby a DF in order to boost his powerlevel to make him admiral by EoS. This can easily be done via a logia DF and Hachinosu would be the perfect place for Koby to acquire such a power, as the BBP are known to be DF hunters.

We know Kuzan was at PH, so I think its possible that the yuki yuki no mi might have reincarnated into a fruit he was carrying with him, and that the fruit is now somewhere in hachinosu.

Furthermore, I think this would be one of the best fruits Koby can get, because it would allow Koby to take advantage of his observation haki skills, without making him DF reliant. The yuki yuki no mi is strong, but its nowhere near the strongest logia. In order to be admiral, Koby will still need to master haki, as Garp did. However, this fruit would give him a massive boost, probably allowing him to become a rear or vice admiral. We've seen how CoO is a great combo with logia fruits with Katakuri, who's FS made him almost invincible with his special paramecia. I believe Koby could be the same way due to his high CoO mastery. Furthermore, Koby would also be able to obscure his opponents vision via blizzards and snowstorms, creating the conditions where only a CoO master like him as perfect vision.

Also, I think thematically, it might make sense. The pre-skip admirlas were all logia types. I think this might be the case with the EoS admirals, with both Smoker and Koby being the leaders of the marines EoS.

The yuki yuki no mi might also parallel Koby with Kuzan, with Kuzan being a corrupted version of Koby.

Ultimately, while I'm not sure if Koby will get a DF, I think this would be one of the best fruits he could get.
Paragraph 2 "imo"+"believe"

Paragraph 3 "imo"
+Why do you consider a DF a boost in Power or a need to become Admiral Level? You mention Garp in the same line and still consider it to be
a must have.

Koby jumped into the Sea to perform a defensive Move.
Is there any mentioning that he intends to get a DF?

This isn't even a Theory, there is no insight, basis and arguments.
It is " i want it to be " thinking. Speculation at best but moreso opinion based.
I kinda have to disagree with this take.
For a couple reasons.
1. Koby is not gonna be a df user. There is literally no point to hype kobys blue walk(skywalk in the sea) if he is just gonna become a df user.

2. Fruits usually match the characteristics of the user. Clearly something deeply tied into the fruits lineage factor. Koby and the connotations of snow are nothing alike. The power of snow would go to a cold,chill person like monet or aokiji. Koby is kinda the opposite.
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Also I believe that another character is going to eat monets df power. That being whitey bay of the wb pirates.

1. Her epithet is the ice witch yet she possesses no df power. This df power would finally make that name fit her literally.

2. We see that monet is an astronomer. I believe whitey bay is the one who taught her astronomy. Meaning whitey bay has a pre existing relationship with monet.

Just like sabos case with ace. She would be eating the fruit of someone she cares about. And based on the fact that I think she knows monet. She also knows sugar. Sugar would find closure knowing that her sisters fruit ended up in the hands of a woman her sister admired/loved.

3. Monet is a cold hearted woman, whitey bays epithet is supposed to depict her cold hearted nature.

4. She also operates at the poles of the op world. Where there is literally snow and ice everywhere. If she gains that logia ability. She would already know how to perfectly use it